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A topic by Odd House Games created Apr 02, 2019 Views: 113 Replies: 2
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Any plans for mobile app with OS push notifications? I have the desktop app but it would be great to have a streamlined mobile experience.  Even as I type this on mobile, so many poor UX things happening, text typing off the side of the screen, clicking in type box to search topics under suggestions and  the send/search bar disappears offscreen and you have to scroll out.

At the very least, a true responsive mobile experience on the web would be a stepping stone  with a native mobile app with push notifications being the end goal, driving and stimulating community engagement and game tracking, feed and wishlist notifications etc.

I would love a mobile app with the ability to post comments, check my feed, etc.

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I thought about the same thing. I'm a very beginner in gamedev, but I'm an experiance iOS developer (6 years) and have some experiance in Android development. If team is reading - I would gladly help to make this happen :)

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