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Why does my clicking a powerup ends the game?

A topic by Stavros Skamagkis created Apr 01, 2019 Views: 230 Replies: 4
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Hello there!

Pretty cool game you have here but... whenever I click on a power-up

on the upper-right corner of the screen as per your suggestion

in the Intro screen, the game ends. Why is that?

(Oh, and the shortcut keys A,D,F,G don't work either).

Thanks in advance for your reply.

Regards, Stavros.



Interesting Question, did you press either escape, r or f5?

I'll take a look at it once I got a bit time, should be this week.

I have no clue, why clicking on an item closes the game, could you send me like a short video via Discord or YouTube or whatever you like, so I can understand it a little better, I'll try my best to make it work!

(Also make sure your browser setting for pressing keys are disabled for A D F G, which browser do you use?)

Happy to hear from you soon! 


Ok, so I've taken a look at it, and it looks like it works fine for me, I'm using Win 10 with the Edge Browser and this combo allows me to freely use it.

I've figured out, why your game ends when you click on an item: An click on an item instantly removes the amount of melons from your account, which means: if you press the button twice, you will lose twice the amount, this isn't the case if you use the hotkeys. 

Keep an eye on the "Melons eaten per second" 'cause you should add that into your tactic to not get a game over.

I hope, I could help you, please write back, if that wasn't the case!

Have a nice day!

Hey, long time no see, right? :~)

Sorry about that but I got caught up with other matters and didn't really have much time to play games.

So I took another spin at it and it turns out you are correct, it was just that I was clicking on the power-up more than 1 time and that's why my game was ending so quickly.

However, I think the game is very hard from very early on, and that you should make it a little easier for the player to reach a few power-ups early on before speeding up the point losing rate.

Cheers, Stavros. 

Developer (2 edits) (+1)

Maybe I'll do that, but since this game was designed to be painfully hard, I think it is ok. 馃ぃ

It's about it being a real challenge, not a clicker like everyone else makes them, it's either you or it.

So get your 4 mice out, download TeamPlayer, invite 3 or 4 friends and show this thing who's the boss! 

You got it! NEVER GIVE UP!

No problem for your later response, I have lots of stuff to do as well, just have a nice time, will ya?

Have a great day! *Cheer Up!*


Heck, cramp up your sleeves, learn some simple python and go ahead and CHEAT this game, think of absolutely crazy and impractical methods on how you can have an impact on it, try some stupid things you don't even think are gonna work, use my tools against my game, get out CheatEngine or whatever the heck you want, I want you to be unpredictabel, a lit barrell full with gunpowder, Schr枚dingers cat living inside and outside of that damn box at the same time.

Learn to master your potential! (Yeah, listening to some nice dubstep makes me feel very encouraged lol, have a great day man!)