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Amazing: The Trilogy

A topic by Immersive-Games created Mar 31, 2019 Views: 59
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A Test of You

Amazing: The Trilogy

These are desperate time, we have discovered a huge threat to a local community.

A disused warehouse that is being demolished has supplies of highly toxic containers that we believe have been leaking over the many years since its demise. The demolition workers are unaware of the potential danger this posses both to them and the local community.

Due to its construction, the route to the warehouse is in three sections, each requiring huge skills of memory, agility and logic thought. We believe you are the one to complete this mission.

To track the location of the full route for the clean up crews, there are 2 scanners within each of the three sectors, you must turn on these scanners, before the portal to the next sector can be energised. The scanner use a proximity switch, so you only need to walk near them to turn them on.

Beware of the toxic fluids, these are highly volatile and likely to cause death upon contact. Your drop suit will protect you to some degree, if the toxins are diluted.

Good luck, we are counting on you.

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