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Dormanica, first-person Lovecraftian dungeon crawler in WebGL

A topic by Mark Damon Hughes created Oct 07, 2016 Views: 285
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I wrote this for Procjam 2014, and I'm getting back into it for a Halloween horror update.

Dormanica is a classical dungeon crawler, 90° turns in a blocky maze full of weird monsters of various elements and powers. You can brute-force fight your way through, or use magic from a limited supply of scrolls, or sneak and evade everything except the level boss. First few levels should be pretty easy, but scales up quickly.

It's now much easier to play on desktop with keyboard. Fixed spells with the same or missing textures. Fixed commands which could play out of order. Took out the turn timeout, that was just mean.

Known issues: Only tested on Safari, may have browser compatibility, sending me any errors from console would be helpful! Keyboard response seems OK, but I know that can vary; I'd like to hear about any issues. WebGL slows down after some time, which isn't too big a problem since a game doesn't last that long unless you're very lucky, but I'm working on it.