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Yowl! What a Strange Hotel

A topic by Zargo Games created Mar 21, 2019 Views: 1,622 Replies: 59
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Wet and Noisy

by user: JuliaMott7

★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆

Before I air my grievances I just want to say that my partner had a much better time at the motel than me and that I thought the staff was very friendly. With that out of the way, I had a miserable time. There were several water leaks that led to the floor of my hotel room being damp, which being a carpet floor made it incredibly gross. As if that wasn’t enough, all day and night there was really loud singing coming from the swimming pool. I never went swimming but my partner did and she said she didn’t see who was singing but that it sounded much more pleasant up close. Whatever it was, it kept me up all night. It wasn’t so bad during the day when I could drown it out with my own music but it was just so loud and the rhythm was so erratic that I couldn’t fall asleep to it.

I guess if you don’t get any leaks and they stop who/whatever is singing, then this could be a nice place to stay. However, I just can’t bring myself to recommend it based on my stay.


made me feel like a ghost-so good

By user: TrappedInMyBody

 ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

I chose this motel pretty randomly, just used an app and the price was good so I went for it. Check in was through the app and had no problems. Also got a discount which was nice so if you're booking try the app. at this point I'll just say that I suffer from anxiety and a few other issues which I only mention here because usually staying at places is a bit of a bad time. I don't really like it when people talk to me or look at me especially strangers. So checking in automatically was great actually. Had to go to the front desk but didn't have to interact much at all. There was a staff member there but they didn't even look at me just put the key on the desk and I took it and went to my room. No talking or anything so A++++ for that experience.

Room was fine, just standard motel I don't know. bit damp and the bathroom had some issues but whatever right. for the price you can't complain but I'll take off one star because well not perfect. Usually at a motel or whatever I have at least a dozen uncomfortable anxiety encounters a day but at this place it was zero. Even when I went out of the room to do whatever if there were staff around they just ignored me completely. Like I didn't even exist. It was amazing. Like a dream for me. opposite of the nightmare staying away from home usually is. Also didn't see any other guests but probably just got lucky on that one. There were some people singing at night but it wasn't bad like not drunken singing or whatever more like at a church or something. Pretty okay actually. Didn't mind it at all.

Anyway overall such a good peaceful relaxing calm experience and so different from most places where the staff are constantly asking if I need anything or trying to help and making me break into cold sweats and panic. Even check out I just dropped off the key and that was that. Would definitely stay again and if it was a franchise or something I would always stay at this kind of place!

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Wonderful Service

By user: PoppysMic

★ ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

The motel is in a beautiful area, and is itself very clean and nice, which would have earned it three or four stars even if the staff hadn't impressed me so much! But they were incredible. The shower wouldn't run hot at first, but as soon as I called they sent someone to fix it, and everything worked like a dream after that. I didn't try room service but the service at the hotel restaurant was friendly and quick. At night they played this soothing choral music over the sound system, from about... I want to say 10pm onward (I'm not sure when it stopped but when I woke up at 7:30am it wasn't playing anymore), which was quiet and muffled enough to be soothing instead of keeping me awake. And the pool actually had a lifeguard, which I haven't seen at any other motels this price! She was incredibly attentive. Though I saw some other reviews mention the pool being open all through the night, but when I tried to go for a late-night swim the gate was locked? Maybe they changed their policy after receiving complaints.

The only complaints that I could possibly have were my problems with the shower (promptly fixed), it being surprisingly humid in my room (which I'm loathe to actually blame on the hotel; it's a humid city!), and an odd experience when I was packing my bags into my car at the end of my stay. The bellhop tried handing me a soaking wet pair of flip-flops! He insisted that they were mine, and that he had seen me drop them, both of which definitely can't have been true. He was obviously confused but very insistent (I suppose he'd been trained to make sure guests didn't leave anything personal behind, so I couldn't be too irritated), and I had to eventually give in and take them with me; I pulled over about five minutes later to throw them away at the nearest gas station.

Still, these are all very minor complaints. All in all it was a wonderful stay, not only a great location but wonderful service, especially for the price. Check this place out if you can!



by user: Hardly

★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆ ☆

I can’t say I get the glowing reviews this place has received or even the profoundly negative ones. My stay was thoroughly mediocre in every sense. The staff seemed confused when I said I wanted to stay and it took much longer than it should have to get my room, but once I was there the room was fine if not great. The bed was about what you’d expect, the singing was ok, and the pool was just a little too cold for this time of year. All-in-all nothing stood out as particularly good or bad and I can’t really recommend this hotel, but if you have to stay somewhere, you could do worse.

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by user: .|/|.[\].

★ ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

this motel lives up to its reputation but is not on the level of similar establishments. it is not up to the standard of the twilight lodge or even the good living inn in my opinion. i would place it slightly above the red hostel but i may be personally biased on that matter.

i have some tips if you are staying here. the pool and associated activities are excellent. the best that this place has to offer. staff are reflective so bring what you intend to take. amenities are good quality but the prices are a little high. if you wish to eat then it may be wise to bring your own. do not trust the clocks. if you are of a sensitive nature then earplugs might be useful.

overall i would recommend the eternal panorama motel. good travels. good seeking.


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I'm still in! I think it's really good. If people are dropping out, maybe open it up to anyone who wants to contribute a review?

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