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Atop A Lonely Tower [pbp game anyone can join]

A topic by ladylakira created Mar 17, 2019 Views: 1,256 Replies: 39
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The castle's magic is strong, and the thorns are long and wicked. I feel a fist 'round my heart as the children race through the portal.

My beloved ravens, fly before them and guide their way. Confound the sharp barbs that would tear their skin and protect them from harm as they dare the castle's defenses.

Do you obey me? Anyone should answer.


We do. We have had time to learn these paths. At the risk of our own flesh and feathers, we guide them. 

I am relieved that the children will come to no harm yet, and the hollow ache in my heart eases slightly. My ravens, you are brave and powerful creatures to protect them so.

The interior of the castle is no less mutable than the exterior. What room do the children arrive in and what is its strangest feature? Anyone should answer.


The children arrive in the oratory. On an altar there sits three stone bowls, one full of coarse flour, one full of water, and one full of salt. 

Nothing in the castle is an accident.

Which child looks surprised by the altar and which looks resigned? Anyone should answer.

The girl with the shaved head walks towards the altar, eyes growing wide. The girl with the black hair rolls her eyes and slouches against a wall.

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