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Share Your Projects: OSR Sticky

A topic by casskdesigns created Mar 16, 2019 Views: 1,389 Replies: 11
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Please note: this thread is intended to be the place for self-promotion.

Please keep blatant self-promotion out of the other design threads.


This thread is for you to tell others about your OSR projects. 

Sea Cave of the Selkie

A dungeon with 10 keyed rooms, 11 strange lichens, salt poppets, magic bat guano, 3 other magic items, cassowary skulls, and a sea witch who wants her father back by any means necessary.


I did my best to follow the principles of

  • setting up a precarious situation for the players to knock off balance, with no assumptions about what they will do.
  • keeping all dungeon description relevant to the characters as things they can interact with, while being as tight and evocative as I can manage (so not very, then).
  • Enough information to make non-illusory choices, and real danger, generally telegraphed.

In The Light Of A Ghost Star

A rules lite scifi game about martian scavengers exploring and looting a strange earth in the far far future.

Get In The Light Of A Ghost Star

Ghost Star is my attempt to make an easy to run game mainly for one shot sessions with an OSR feel. The rules fit on about half a page and are easy to modify.  It's been great for introducing new players to the hobby and I've had reports from first time GMs telling me it was great first game to run.


Your paper choices are always on point. I love the look and feel of this.

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A lightweight sci-fi game, a tasty melange of old and new-school in the tradition of the big, sandboxy classics that you can get up and running quickly. 

It's a free PDF on DriveThru

I made Offworlders because I wanted a relatively traditional sci fi game that I could grab and be ready to play in 20 minutes, but that had enough meat for campaigns of a dozen or so sessions. I used World of Dungeons, by John Harper, as a framework. Offworlders has the graduated success mechanic of a PbtA game, but the simplicity, hackability, narrative open-endedness, and potentially fatal danger-level of old school games.

POD Available this week!

Hey gang! I've just posted my submission for the Pamphlet Jam, a nice straight-forward dungeon crawl with goblins and hobgoblins. It should be compatible with most OSR systems - personally I usually use Knave, but I'd love to hear if you've played it in something else! The premise is that you've been captured by a hobgoblin who's discovered a demon-summoning temple and wants to turn it to his own purposes - once you've escaped your bonds, you can either slip out the front door and get the heck out of there, or try to take down all the baddies and track down some loot.

Project name: Captured & Sacrificed

1 sentence project description: A dungeon full of classic monsters, with a hobgoblin who wishes he was a wizard and wants to summon a demon.

link to project: you can find it here

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EDIT: Live in Digest (5.5" x 8.5") and A5 sizes. ToDo: landscape and other accessibility stuff.

Axes & Orcs Compendium Vol 2 Science-Fantasy Potpourri Backgrounds for Troika!

A melange of 36 backgrounds for Troika!

This is the raw text draft of a wide variety of Science-Fantasy backgrounds from 2.3 Pounds of Hallucinating Pudding to Void Squid for Troika! A lot of the backgrounds are references to 80s and 90s media, some more obvious than others. It's got Swordwolves and Space Rocks.  I got really inspired by Troika! so these backgrounds came to me.  The current raw text hasn't been numbered for a d66 table yet.


High Magic Lowlives is a science fantasy RPG about wizard school dropouts, tomb streamers, private third eyes, astronauts, and gods on the run getting in trouble with the Immortal Aristocracy to make Coin and build their #Brand!

It started as a kitbash of Macchiato Monsters and World of Dungeons but has since picked up influences from Blades in the Dark, Troika, and For the Queen. Currently in development/early access and on sale through August 13th!

Keep of the First Scion 

This is an intro dungeon for Troika! in pamphlet form.

It's based on the first adventure I wrote for Pathfinder, utilizing the original hand drawn map and done in a very zine manner. The core intention is to show new referees/gms/etc just how little you can get away with using. Like, remove the intimidation factor that I see so many folks express.

I'm not an authority on OSR-ness, but my submission to YourMoveJam is inspired by my experience with OSR (and adjacent) stuff: Ghost Orbit.

It's a game about things breaking in space. It uses the basic chassis of PbtA: 2D6 summed to get gradated results. But instead of anything modifying the roll, everything is HP. It makes for a game that's always very clear about what's at risk.

It's on sale for $1 for the remainder of YourMoveJam.


I just released a pointcrawl / adventure location for OSR games like Knave:

Hunters in Death

Hi everyone, Hunters in Death is a result from ZineQuest 2. It's is 32 pages of an old-school hex crawl. I use Old School Essentials as the ruleset. It comprises of a setting description, some home rulings to make the setting unique, a giant random encounter table, a barrow mound randomizer, and three adventures. If I wanted to fit more in I'd need a lubricant.