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Wolfstar Sins and Paradise

Sin doesn't end in the afterlife. Can these two heroes save their immortal souls? · By Wolfstar


A topic by Gempanchi created Mar 15, 2019 Views: 597 Replies: 5
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I would like to know if you will have how to make Rufus back to normal during the game


I'm still asking the Magic Eight Ball that exact same question myself   =3

Please good sir, where is the walkthrough guide we were promised, so many eons ago?...


I have yet to make any such promise,  we are way too early in the stages of development for such a thing right now.  My humbliest apologies if you're waiting for a walkthrough, it's not a priority until things like story paths are finalized.

WolfstarDeveloper1 year ago

LOL, no worries friend.  One day I will have to post a full walkthrough of the game  =3


My apologies, I didn't mean to come off as brash, I rather meant  to inquire if a route progression chart is available somewhere, not trying to imply that you truly promised anything.


Yup, one day likely when the game is actually finished.  At this time, no, because things are still not set in stone.  What happens in routes are going to be moved around, so a progression chart/ walkthrough is not viable at this time.