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Community updates October 2016

A topic by leafo created 1 year ago Views: 426 Replies: 1
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Admin (Edited 1 time) (+4)

Hello everyone, today I have an organization update for community hosts. You can check out the full list on the blog: http://blog.itch.io/post/151295519749/more-tools-v...

Here's a quick overview:

  • Community hosts can now create topic tags
  • Community hosts can create category hierarchies
  • Community hosts can archive and hide categories
  • Moderator permissions extend to any subcategories under where they've been given access
  • Topic and category lists have a new design
  • Topic, post, and category page are now mobile web friendly
  • Fixed bug where deeply nested posts would mess up layout

If you have any questions feel free to leave them here.



Hurray! Very excited about the community updates.

(Edited 1 time) (+1)

Yeah, this sounds like a lot of really nice additions to make Itch's forums well-rounded. Glad to see such a variety of options available, and even for everyone who has a game here (not just "Pro" users or something)! Thank you very much for your work.