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Random plant seeds don´t fall down

A topic by Kalimar created Oct 03, 2016 Views: 293 Replies: 5
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I just started playing some hours ago. First, it was no problem to spawn new random plants by clicking on the corresponding button. The "black hole" appeared, spawned some icosahedrons, which fell down an seeded plants. But now, the don´t fall down anymore. I literaly have clouds of icosahedrons, hundreds of them, the just hang in the air. Some of them came down, but mostly they dont. And it seems, as if new "black holes" won´t even spawn new icosahedrons. On the other hand, i can spawn herbivores and carnivores without any problem.

May there be a reason for that? Did i make a mistake?

Edit: It´s windows 7 and the 64-bit Version


Have you changed any of the genes? The hanging seeds is possible with particular genes.

The new black holes not spawning new seeds could be a bug, I'll look into it! Does it only happen when hundreds of seeds are 'in the air'?

Thank you very much for the fast reply.

In fact, it really depends on the genes, and yes, i changed them. The one that matters is called "Seed Drag": Set to zero and the Seeds kinda explode away, set higher, they get slower. As i had this value to 100, my "hanging" seeds might just be extreeemely slow. This also explains, why only some of the seeds made it to the ground.

Until now, i wasn´t able to spawn any more black holes not spawning new seeds. I´ll keep an eye on it :)


So it's not a bug it's a feature ;)

At this stage even I don't know what some of the genes do when you mess with them!


So it turns out the seeds not spawning was a bug... which is now fixed :D

Yeah, thank you very much :)