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Tower of Eros

Spritual Predecessor to Violated Heroine! (Updated 11-19-17) · By Cloud9Studios

Bug Report Sticky

A topic by Cloud9Studios created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 538 Replies: 33
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Run into a problem or bug?

Let me know!

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Might want to check some of the lights again, since besides two of them, they seem infinite; also, adventure's detox doesn't show up, not to mention how OP Refresh is.

Lastly, are saves compatible? Like, would I have to start over to see the new events? (Seems to be, since I haven't encountered any events for floor 2.)

Developer (Edited 1 time)

First and foremost, thank you for bringing these issues to attention. It's very much appreciated. After looking over some things quickly, I've found the problems to the issues mentioned, and they will be taken care of. I will also be making some job and skill changes to help bring in some balance, along with the other jobs coming soon. Refresh is drastically more OP then I gave credit for (it wasn't meant to restore AP, for example. *headdesk*), so that's definitely seeing a change, though it might stay relatively stronger, as Adventurer doesn't get quite as many skills as the other jobs do.

As for compatible saves, they should be. The only problem would being unable to accept the new hairstyles and stats at the beginning, and there is a problem with a new scene in the inn if you didn't do it in earlier updates, and walk in through the front door, that is being addressed. However, I will be implementing items to change hair, eye color, etc, in future updates, and the scene with the inn should be taken care of next patch. As for everything else, however, it should be working if you transfer over your saves. The new events can be encountered if you lose to specific opponents, so if that's happened, and you're not getting anything, let me know, and I'll look into it.

I see, well, the only enemy that I lose to, right now, are the spiders on the 3rd floor (lol what is up with developers and spiders) -- The reason is mainly due to Paralyze, you end up being stuck for around 4-5 turns (the turn it wears off is skipped), and the spider may refresh it during that time, so you're pretty much stuck waiting for death, by poison.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Any enemies that are blue fireballs are "event enemies", which already do, or will have, events to them once I get to them. Floors one and two aren't supposed to be too difficult, but Floor three and up is when things start to ramp up. That said, you shouldn't be stuck, and I'll look into the success percentages for the spiders paralysis. It shouldn't be too high, but if it's a problem, I'll also be tuning that down some. Floors 3-5 are still in beta stages, so thank you again for letting me know of these issues. I will hopefully have them fixed by next patch.

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lol, yeah, the chances are low (maybe since they've paralyzed me all 3 times before), but if all three of them use it, continuously, or you happen to get unlucky, you end up dead. -- They only need 10 rounds to kill you, since poison does 10% of your max health each round, meaning if you're paralyzed at least twice, you're dead.

Edit: Hmm, seems I can't move my saves from one folder to another. Tried seeing if they were compatible, since last time I overwrote the folder; this time I move the saves, then deleted the old folder, extracted the new ones, and moved the saves back in, but the moved saves doesn't show up when loading -- Is MV save different from VX Ace?


I've looked at the math, and will be changing the success percentages quite a bit. They seem to be a little too high, which is why they might be "paralyze blocking" you. So that'll come as a change, along with other moves and skills getting similar changes to them. As for the saves, MV and Ace are relatively different in a few regards. Just to make sure, are you also transferring the global.rpgsave file? If you don't transfer it as well, then the game won't read the saves as acceptable, or as having files present. I will see if I can work on the save issue. As the game is still a bit in development, a lot of scripts, data, and other parts are constantly being changed for current and future work, so there could be times that older saves will not like the newer versions of the game. Again, I'll look into seeing what can be done, but in that regard, I'm afraid I can't make too many promises.

Ah, that's the problem then, didn't move the global.rpgsave file (And I emptied my recycling bin while it was there too! Oh well, would have restarted to see the events anyways)

Anyways, a funny note: Leg Swipe can cancel confusion out -- Ex. 1st one Confuses the Enemy, then the 2nd one cancels the first.

Typos: Water Spirits

1 -- Whim of the Water Spirit[s] -- Since there were 2.

1 -- start to however[hover] around you

2 -- You're [P]art of your body

3 -- the spirit possessing you do so [more] for more its' own pleasure, then yours'.

4 -- release, feel pleasure.... -- This one is odd, since it's located at the beginning, and the prior sentence had ended in a period.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

That's... A new one. I'll look into it and see why it does that. It should confuse them both, or one of them. It shouldn't be cancelling them out, though. I'll have to see what's up with that.

And thank you! I still have a lot of work to do writing wise, so every bit helps. Also, typing scenarios late at night on little sleep doesn't help. My mistake. Anyways, I'll be sure to go back and fix them, and they should be adjusted next patch.

Additionally, despite the problems, I do hope you're enjoying the game. If you have any comments or suggestions, dolet them be known, as I want to make sure everyone is having a fun and enjoyable experience. Thanks again for letting know about these errors, and I'll get them fixed asap.

Edit: I see now; The reason a second leg sweep will cancel out the first is due to the damage inflicted by leg sweep. Damage is one way to negate confusion, so when you hit the enemy, you're essentially curing confusion in the process. I'll have this changed by next update.

Not sure if this is still being updated but their is a bug where the skills designed to remove things like poison, blind, and whatnot do not work. They actually GIVE YOU the status effects if you didn't have them.


I can proudly say that the game is still being worked on, though the holidays have slowed down development at this moment. I'm currently in another state. However, I'll be hitting the nose to the grindstone once it's finished. We have art, events, and a new area in the works. So that's something to look forward to.

That said, that would be a huge bug. Not sure how that happened, but I should be able to fix it quickly enough once I get back home. So once I get home in the next few days, I'll be posting an update and some new things to the game once I get settled in. Thanks for letting us know. Appreciate it, and if you find anything else, let us know, and we'll get it fixed. Thanks again, and I do hope you're enjoying the rest of the game currently.

- Alex G.,Cloud9 Studios

I am enjoying it so far. Though outside of that there are some bugs that I found. Also, I am beta testing for another RPG over on jolt so that is why I found so "many". Really not a whole lot actually. This is all from female characters but they should be identical in code. Don't let the list size discourage you by the way, I am just really, really good at my job when it comes to bug testing RPG maker. Also, this is assuming the only maps in game are the Tower and City right now.

Item Bugs:

Succubus Whip items do literally nothing stat wise.

Some items don't have actual icons next to them (almost every whip but dancer that you can buy for succubus).

Shop items (armor and weapons) need a slight buff at higher prices of about 1-5 points as some items worth thousands of gold just don't do much for you.

Energizing Herb removes 12% from Tired and Calming Ginger removes 11% Lust. Sleeping in an inn removes far more for less, nearly an 8% bonus. For the same price I can get my tired and lust near 0 from max for the inn (lust removal being free). Can their effectiveness be buffed?

Class and Trainer Bugs:

Warrior has skills that need 30 Ability, but you can't get 30 Ability from leveling and are stuck at 10.

Paladin, Rogue, Lancer, AND Adventurer are so OP it isn't even funny. Trainer needs to be majorly nerfed for them because at level 5 in game you can hit for over 1000 damage if you go to the trainer and have them raise your attack and defense. Part of this is due to a coding bug. Every time you raise a stat passively with the trainer, regardless of that stat, it boosts it by 100. This is great for HP and Ability Points, but it breaks the game hardcore for other stats.

You can instantly learn every skill for free for Warrior and Succubus, the only 2 classes that actually have skills to learn currently, though I am guessing they are new.

Stat Bugs:

Sleeping can make your lust go negative.

Despite having 400 defense in every defense skill, enemies still hit for about the same amount, angered rats hit for 20 and zombies for 30, making it seem that defense is useless.

Sleeping in an inn doesn't set your tired all the way to 0%, but removes chunks at a time meaning you have to spend 100-300 gold to get it to 0. Still cheaper than the item you can buy for it and does more though.

Leveling is next to useless for some classes because it doesn't boost their ability points or health anyway making them stagnant (warrior especially and Succubus extremely). It also doesn't raise stats at all. Level 15s are the same as level 1s just with new, unlocked skills ( and maybe not even that really). This breaks the game for anyone who picked Warrior or Succubus Knight as they are useless since they can't boost their stats through the trainer, they only get skills. This makes it damn near impossible to even beat the first Imp in the game (even worse on Succubus as the whips don't give more damage).

Lust needs a slight nerf in how fast it gathers. Though I am not really sure what it does other than spam you with text boxes. Setting it to be slightly faster than your rate of tired would be perfect so it doesn't get in the way.

Mob Bugs:

More mobs need to drop more gold as the main economy seems to be selling items.

As Paladin, Angered Rats drop 200 JP each. This is way above every other mob in the game and is part of the bug that makes them so damn OP.

Misc. Bugs:

Out of memory error sometimes pops up.

Noticing the questions asked at the beginning currently don't impact the story. Probably not a bug.

Skill Bugs:

Temptation as a Succubus is an instant death for you.

Temptation and other Erogica (and Special) skills can be used outside of combat. While Masturbate is understandable (lowers lust by 10% per use), the others aren't and if you use Temptation outside of combat it gives you a game over screen.

The Succubus Skills need descriptions to tell us what they do.


Thank you so much for this! I appreciate all the effort and this helps with the development of this project. Once I get back in, I'll be going through all the issues encountered, fixing them, and adding in a couple things area wise. As of right now, Floors 1-5 of the tower, the town, and first area of the forest should be open. We have means for an arena, housing, castle, and forest/cave area to be added next. Floors 6-10 of the tower should come after. Thank you once again, and I hope you enjoy all the future stuff we have coming up.

Thank you again,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

Anytime and I asked if the Forest was in because the guard in front of the left path that I am assuming is the forest said you can enter, but following the path leads to a dead end that doesn't warp you anywhere. Also the Lamia should probably be slightly buffed on the 5th floor to have at least 1500-2000 HP. They are under 1400 right now, that much I know. Also, the Event characters should probably respawn. You could probably code it so if they drop an unique item they won't drop it if you have it in your inventory. Basically though with the current build that should be it in terms of bugs for the most part and once they are fixed they will never be a problem again so there is that. I would touch on grammar, but that is better left to actually PMs and messaging not to mention I have no idea if the script is even finalized at all or if it is just placeholder so far. Some art in game would be nice to see along with the text, but that is insanely hard and for the most part would have to be custom with 12 variety of picture for every single event due to hair and eye combinations for female and however many eye and hair combos there are for male.


At the moment, I have only the first bit open as a bit of a "beta test", to see how others would engage and find the forest. In later patches and updates, the forest will end up just as vast and challenging as the tower with different rewards. As for the Lamia, I didn't want it to be an HP sponge, but I will likely be giving it a buff in regards to def and skills to make the fight a bit more challenging if it is currently too easy. And I will not go into too much detail on it, as I'd like it to be somewhat of a surprise, but you will be seeing the event bosses again. So if you missed them or want to view them again, you'll get your chance in a future patch. We'll see how what I have planned works, and adjust accordingly.

Currently you can presume that 90% of the things in game are placeholders. From story to sprites. I'm currently working with another writer/artist to help flesh out dialog, but he also wants to help with sprites, and art, so you should be seeing that stuff added in in the near future. So, there's another thing to look forward to. We both have our work cut out for us. May the Tentacle God have mercy on our souls... That should so be a thing.

Anyways, thank you again, and if you have any other suggestions, or anything else you find, do let us know. I'll be hitting the keyboard once I get home, so you can probably expect an update on the game in the next week or so.

The TentacleGod thanks you too,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

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Awesome. With the Lamia though I wouldn't say it is to easy, it is just that with the bug that adds 100 points to every stat from the trainer I can 1 shot them. As Succubus and Warrior? It is nearly impossible.

Heya Cloud9! Me again! First off nice changes to the game. The Trainer is a bit more balanced and makes grinding more of a reward than before. Secondly, it is nice to see that defense is working right. Rats that used to hit for 20 a piece hit for a default of 3 on an adventurer (though they don't hurt at all on paladin which to be fair doesn't matter as everything else hits like a truck in comparison). Nice to see leveling improves everything. You can now beat the imp on the first floor for the jailer key by level 3-5 with the right bonuses. Also, speaking of trainer it seems everything is working right. Though it is possible now to beat the first floor imp as a level 1 paladin, you can be killed by it if you aren't lucky and it hard bites you as that is 60 a pop so it balances out later on. To test it I just ran straight for it without fighting anything and it took away nearly all my HP. It was just my luck that I lived as I was 1 hard bite away from basically dying. This isn't possible at all on floor 2 with the spirits and other event bosses so it evens out.


JP rewarded for killing needs slightly more balancing. The angered rats give 213 for example and they are the easiest to kill. However, Confused Bats that hit for now 10x the damage of the rats give 70 less. Tainted Slimes are stronger than both of them and are in the middle. In fact I think for the first few floors, rats give the most JP of all the enemies besides event bosses that I have beaten so far (imps give nearly 300 which is nice actually to see despite the secret imp giving 180 though it does give an item that makes up for it completely so its a mute point there. Water Spirits give the same JP and a weapon so also not that bad). They should be giving the least though. This will make the game more balanced as higher level users won't be grinding them for their JP and will be forced to go off and actually fight tough monsters to get the JP needed for their stats.

This extends to EXP as well as rats give 30 and the imp bosses 20.


When you open one door (using the first floor doors for the jailer key as an example here) they don't both open at. You have to open the left door, than the right. Every set of double doors opens one side at a time.

Would be nice to see some more varieties of avatar (long hair, short hair, young, old, whatever) added sometime. I lost to the water spirits and got blue hair as a female after that actually looks really damn nice.

The secret statue should stay moved when you leave and re enter the zone.

Item Shops:

A lot of my problems with the previous shops have gone away now. The lower prices and slightly improved changes to weapons and armor have fixed a lot of things. However, items that give +9 attack like the fire sword probably should be 3000 gold and not 2000 like the +7s and the 1 +8 Diamond Sword. In fact most of the elemental stuff should be pushing 3000 each. I wouldn't honestly mind spending a few thousand more on them if they come with elemental attacks and abilities. Same with armor if it gives a resistance buff to what I am gonna end up fighting (element rise anyway). However, like in most RPGs the best items in the game probably shouldn't be buy-able but found in the wild... like that awesome bracelet.

Side note I like the set up Warrior has in shop with the weapons and their boosts.

Out Of Memory:

This happens roughly after 30 minutes of straight gameplay. Just mentioning it so you have more details for it.


While the changes to the rest of the game have greatly fixed the issue before with Warrior and Succubus Knight being downright unplayable compared to the other 4, you can still buy their skills and they are completely free. Though the changes to the game made Warrior and Succubus feel like they can equal the others now a bit. This is especially true for warriors considering they can break their opponents and lower their stats.


There is a bug with the Succubus Knight's hud in battle. They have 2 lewd bars instead of 1. Most likely caused by adding a lewd bar after replacing the Ability bar.

Succubus Knight starts with Beginner Whip and a random Beginner Axe too.


Succubus Knight needs skill descriptions for everything. It makes it easier to play as her. She is the only one I think that has this problem right now.


I am assuming that the forest is the path with the 1 guard and you can enter it and fight? You can't. It won't warp you to the next map.

Pretty much everything I found in the new build which is a lot less than before.


Thank you once again, Mokais, and glad to see you like the changes thus far! My calculator was burnt out with how much math I had to do to balance some of these things. My poor calculator...

In either case, I'll be looking over a lot of these things. I'm currently working on balancing the JP and EXP imbalances as we speak, so that has been noted. So that should change with the next patch. Additionally, I'll go through the dungeons and see what else I can find, but will certainly look at these issues mentioned. The forest as well. Don't know why it's doing that, but shouldn't be too hard to fix...

As for the Trainer, Jobs, and Items, the Succubus Knight is the newest job, and easily needs the most work thus far, so I'll take these notes, and fix them next update. Hopefully. Some of these bugs can be hard to squash sometimes. Gonna have to get my Raid.

Now, one of the bigger issues; Character cosmetics. At the moment, as you know, I'm working with an artist to get some art into the game. However, trying to have so many variations of character designs puts a huge strain on them just with what we have at the moment. We're looking into adding more at this time, but any implementation of them would take place at a later date. Additionally, there are plans to have items and other scenes that would change your character as well. So while we do have plans to extend your character's looks, at the moment, the current work load keeps us busy.

Still looking into the Out of Memory error. That one is throwing me for a loop, but hopefully I can squash that bug in due time as well.

Thank you again for going through this mess, and finding all the details that I miss. I appreciate it, and certainly hope all the madness is worth it. We're building a game we hope you and others will enjoy (on a few different levels, ifyaknowwhatimean...), so thank you very much for letting us know of any issues that let us improve the game further.

Now, time to go get those bugs. Come on, Tentacle God...

Me and the Tentacle God thank you,

Alex G., Cloud9 Studios

Yeah, calculators hate RPGs sometimes. I know for a fact that if you simply cut the rats down by 1/2 to 3/4 in JP and 1/3 of their current EXP they would be fine. Also, I myself wouldn't mind waiting for another update that adds more and fixes more, but I also wouldn't mind being able to get my hands on the Forest Zone soon as it is actually just a tile warp related bug of some kind and I also wouldn't mind adding a Forest section to my bug reports so the bugs that zone may have can be fixed sooner. I know my other...well... boss for a lack of a better word, ran into the same issue many times with the tiles and fixed it in 5 minutes when they looked into it.

I plan on grinding a Succubus Knight, a Warrior, and a Paladin to level 15 each this week and see if I can take them through level 5 of the Tower with any ease. After that I will probably be making a bug post for anything related to balance. Paladin is the strongest class of the first 4 due to the regen it has if I recall correctly. Since the primary changes between the first 4 is weapons it shouldn't be an issue to test the Lamia and see how the other 2 classes handle by comparison.

Also, relating to the cosmetic things. That is fine. In fact, if I am honest, I only really wanted the blue hair the Water Spirits give you when you loose so I don't have to throw my fight with them every time to get it lol. Not to mention it is in game so probably getting added anyway to the art. I also know how hard that is. If you have 4 events that need images and 4 hair and 3 eye colors, that is 48 images.

Small thing I noticed is that I still get Lust messages but they are happening at the entrance of the tower with the 3 friendly NPCs that don't move or talk only it seems unless I am rushing to fast to see them.

...Is your partner really named Tentacle God? I think I know what some of the art will be than.

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Heya. Did a run and found some extra things.

Mercy's Doublet has no icon next to it.

Floor 3 has one door that can't be opened (the right door you use the key to open. The left one works fine.)

Dancer's Clothes are unsaleable armor.

The text for when you get paralyzed is bugged. It reads "(Character Name)is Paralyzed" with no space between your name and is.

When zombies use that health steal ability, the player doesn't react like they would if it was a normal attack. No "being attacked" animation or sound.

The Corrupt Fairies found on floor 4 are horrendously underpowered. Level 8 warrior takes 1 damage with 50 defense from everything they fire.

Level 8 Warrior can easily beat the Lamia. Recommend upping its attack as it doesn't hit for 50-100 even. With 47 defense. A party of 2 would have no challenge at all.

The doors in the Inn on the top floor have 2 weird looking black lines above them that go into the ceiling. The bottom floor has something similar in the walls by the door with a solid gray line on both sides.

You can view all 3 of the windows the Inn has on the top floor from inside, but there are no windows visible on the bottom...what? I may have a small OCD issue...

Oh and there are roughly 18 wall collision bugs on floor 3. They all have this tile with nothing on it like a crack or skeleton.

The web to my right is able to be walked on, the one beside it isn't, the one beside that one is, and the one on the bridge wall is too. They all have these tiles. This lets you glitch past getting the key for the door btw.

The tower first floor where the bats are has it so you can walk on 4 of the 9 stools but not the other 5. They block you. 4th floor has the same tables and chairs and you can't walk on any there. The room with the altar also has 6 of them but all 6 can be walked on.

Next ones are typos that I wouldn't bother mentioning if it wasn't for the fact they are books and lore items.

Heros of the Tower Vol. 1 has a typo. It is "Heroes". There are other errors in the other books but not much point since they will change. Just figured I would let you know about this one typo in case it isn't fixed later on since it is the name.

Oh and the hospitol letting you leave at 1 hp and 0 ability is kind of...not making sense.


Thanks for these! I've put them in my notes, and I'll be fixing them with the other things that need fixing. I'm a little under the weather and all, and my other business is keeping me busy as well, but I should have an update with all, if not most, of the fixes present by around the end of the week.So please look forward to that. After I've hammered out all these bugs, I'll proceed on working on more content, as I know there isn't much at the moment.

Again, thank you for this, and your efforts to help make this game better.

Many thanks,

- Alex G., Cloud9 Studios.

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for some reason i can no longer play the game, idk y, all ive been able to figure out is it seems to most likely b a problem on my end, but nothing shouldve changed, i played the game fine to the water spirits lost, grinded a lil closed it down for the night and went to continue a few days later which is just 30 min ago, but i go to continue load my save and just after loading it just shuts down as the ... scene and text comes into focus after creating my character, but the "game.exe" is still running in the background in my processes in task manager, ive deleted the game, re-extracted it to start all over and same thing all over again, tried downloading the december version and thats when i got the furthest, was finished talking with the lady of the inn about to get to the door and same thing, so probably mostly the game but dont know how with game or my pc and i have great pc so not to do with how well its running, i just know 1 of either is glitching for some reason, ig ill try again 1 last time after reseting my pc, ill let uk if it didnt make a difference :( nope same thing, i deleted ur games and then reset and then redownloaded and same thing >.< :(

(Edited 2 times)

We knew it was coming. I was totally gonna get it early. Still have more to do though.

Alchemist Update Bug Report


Bug in the hospital that traps you. I don't know how I triggered it, but the guard won't let you get out. I died to the Lazy Behemoth when it happened.

There is a hotel bug. When you exit your room the door vanishes. Because of this, if you enter it again you are trapped.

Water Essence is only dropped by blue spirit enemies. It is needed for a lot of recipes.


Small typo in the credits page's first line

Warrior has an HP bug at the start. They have 550 HP but when you make them it is 450/550 instead.

Warrior skills are free

Succubus Knight skills are free

Secret Statue needs the button prompt to only appear on the right side. It appears on the left too and it makes the sprite act a bit weird. This is because the bottom half can't move on the left side because you are blocking it.

There is only 1 remaining cobweb that lets you "faze"

There is a weird door thing on the third floor. Can't open this half.

You can buy multiple recipes from the alchemst despite having it already.

You can "use" the recipes in the Key Item menu though they do nothing and the game doesn't let you waste them like that.

The cobweb

Weird door


Thank you! Some of these are odd bugs I thought I fixed. Currently in the middle of Mothers Day and family time, but when I get back to my desk, I'll burn the midnight oil, and fix these, and release the patched version shortly.

Maybe just forgot to copy over the files from your version to this one cause it has been so long?


I'm gonna go over all of it. I could be wrong, and just missed the bugs. I'll double check everything to make sure. I'll keep things updated as soon as I have it figured out.Again, I could have derped and just missed them.

On the Linux version, it freezes when enemy attacks.

Developer (Edited 1 time)

Huh. That's a new one. Let me look back and see what's up with that. Thank you for letting me know, and hopefully I'll have a quick solution/have it fixed.

Edit: To try and narrow down the situation; Is it every fight, or just some fights? Which ones if the latter? Is it a certain skill? If you could answer these for me, this'll help me narrow down the problem, and find a quick solution. Thank you in advance. 

(Edited 1 time)

It seems to be when the enemy uses a special attack. There is sound and the attack's name shows but I can do nothing.


I see. And does the game continue to play, and it just seem to pause for a moment as an effect plays, or does the game stop working all together?

This is what happens https://youtu.be/wa0E4deMtOg


Huh. Interesting. Let me look into it. If you could provide any other information, that'd be great, and help me narrow down what the problem could be. Otherwise, I'll have to do some tests. To the Cloud Cave!

That's all I got. I open it in Firefox using index.html and the same thing happen.


No worries! I believe I've isolated the matter, and I am working to fix it as we speak. Thank you for letting me know about this, and I should have it fixed in a short time. Thank you very much.