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Tower of Eros

Spritual Predecessor to Violated Heroine! (Updated 11-19-17) · By Cloud9Studios

The Suggestion Box Sticky

A topic by Cloud9Studios created Oct 01, 2016 Views: 331 Replies: 7
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Want to see something inside the game? Have an idea that might seem cool for it?

Post it here, and perhaps you'll see it it added to the game.

Hey Cloud9! Just was looking through my feed and saw this and remembered it so decided to see if anything new happened. This suggestion box hasn't gotten any love yet so lets see what I can come up with...

Most basic of basics: A super powerful secret item that takes multiple steps to unlock and is set according to your character. Can anyone say...Mokais Godsword? Kidding. Though if you do decide to add this it would best be done when the maps are finalized as you would need to get the lore set up for it and make it out to be something amazing. You can take this further by having a secret weapon in game for each possible character class with there own back story. There also end game items so I don't expect to see these for a long time.

Demon Army: I know the tower keeps the demons sealed from what I remember, but I was wondering if it was possible to corrupt your character or start off as a demon and lead them like a kingdom. It would be interesting to say the least.

Magic Spells: There are plenty of these you can have. Heck you can go the Final Fantasy route and have upgraded spells as you go along like Fire 1, 2, 3, etc. Add them in as books or something that teach you the skill or unlocks for quests when it comes to the master level ones. Heck, for some you can even add lore. Something like "Hero A created this spell because B and defeated army C and saved Nation D." Or something.

Hell Tower Levels: This is probably really self explanatory. The idea is that you are fighting the Demon Army so why not have levels in the tower that represent that? My idea was to have the tower stretch below floor 1 for this and have them accessible at a higher floor through stairs or an elevator as it would make sense to have hell be beneath the tower instead of above.

Angels, Divines and Religion Lore: Self explanatory really. Maybe add in some more lore for these kind of things as it lets you get creative and it flushes out the world a bit more and makes it feel more alive and real.

Classes: If I remember there isn't a Mage, Healer, Archer, or Monk class (though there are items for the last so maybe). It would be interesting to see what skills and items you can come up with for these.

These are drop of the hat ideas I came up with really fast and most are probably in the works. Either way it would still be interesting to hear back.


Thanks for these, Mokais!

Simply put, I will not go into saying too much about some of the plans I have for the game. I would like to keep them a bit of a surprise. However, I will say I've been doing some experimentation (like character status and conditions) and seeing what can be done technically. That said, I will say that much of what of you suggested are great ideas that can be done, and then some. I should be putting out an update in the near future, so please look forward to any news/updates coming up. I think you might enjoy what I got in store/planned.

Glad to hear it! I also had some other ideas but I figured you was going to do them either way. Things like new towns. Though there is something I thought of overnight for the towns.

Town Specific Shops: Each town has a specialty to it. This specialty is for a specific class as well as certain minigames that can be done like a Fishing Town that specializes in weapons for a Lancer as Spear Fishing is a thing, Mining Towns that specialize in explosives and maybe have a minor specialization for destruction magic. Each town should have items for all classes to avoid tracking everywhere though, but the specialty towns will have the best stuff you can buy from a shop.

So it seems having a fever and lots of free time and playing various RPGs leads to some interesting ideas. All of these are defensive spell ideas that can be tweaked obviously for balance.

Fire Wall: A barrier that halves damage received and causes some damage to enemies when they attack. The affect is reduced by 50% when a water spell hits it and if it is hit again it vanishes. Has a cool down.

Earth Barrier: Greatly raises defense and damage taken is lowered, but can only be used on one party member and has a cool down. Can be pierced by lightning based spells.

Water Shield: Covers one party member and is purely defensive. Has a cool down and can be pierced by lightning spells and the effect is greatly reduced by fire spells, though it nullifies all damage from fire. Lasts for 2 fire spells or until time runs out like the rest.

Ice Barrier: Similar to water but is significantly weaker to fire. Meant to be the first spell of the series you get before upgrading to water.

Wind Barrier: Weak to Earth and makes fire attacks stronger, but greatly injures all enemies attacking and can only be stopped by the time limit placed on it.

Lightning Barrier: Similar to Wind but can be stopped by 2-4 Earth spells.

Can probably think of more elements if I knew how in depth magic is gonna be. Basically this is all I got for now if mages do become a thing, considering there are spell users in game it makes sense though.

This game is pretty cool. I don't have much to suggest, but I just wanted to send you my support your way!


Thank you for that. It's unfortunate the game and myself have been on haitus for some time, due to personal reasons. However, you should be seeing some updates in the near future.