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Love, Money, Rock'n'Roll

A fully animated visual novel, its story that of romance and drama set in the Eighties · By SovietGames

Let's Play- Cherry Blossom and 3AM Phone Calls

A topic by Edquarters created Sep 30, 2016 Views: 702 Replies: 6
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Lovely start to the game, gorgeous visuals and music. The text is pretty awesome too- exactly what you want from a visual novel.

All in all, looks promising. I hope to make a series on it and I wish the team luck with the rest of development and the Kickstarter, I'm sure you guys will do great.


Thank you!

Very glad you liked it :)

Part 2- in which we meet our mysterious 3AM phone caller, eat some breakfast, and reminisce about the past some more on our way to school.

Part 3- We finally get into school, and end up covered in juice. Who would've thunk it?

Part 4- Himitsu wins serious friend points with her lunchtime surprise.

Part 5- Having fun (clothes shopping) after school with Himitsu. It was the best of times.

Part 6- Creepy note = Busty Magical Girl