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Slay, chop and stab until your name is remembered in the Pantheon of Gladiators! · By Whales And Games, Moski, JorgeGameDev (Polite Whale), RobinHoodPT

Changelogs & News Thread (Pre-1.2) Locked

A topic by Whales And Games created Sep 29, 2016 Views: 4,838 Replies: 2
This topic was locked by Whales And Games Nov 21, 2016
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Developer (7 edits)

Thank you for playing Colossorama! As of Version 1.1B2 we wanted to be able to better communicate when a new version of Colossorama becomes available and what changes were done on that version. We decided to make a change-log thread where one could easily check from the game's menu if there are any new updates. It's probably the best option given our current limitations (such as no auto-updater and the lack of methods to build one at the moment).

That being said, here's the change log for Version 1.1B2! (Released 30 Sept)

  • Fixed high scores for Colossorama Mode, which were not being saved properly.
  • Improved Game Mode selection screen. It now displays the current high scores for each of the modes in a much more readable and understandable way. Also fixed a typo where Colossorama Mode would show as Colossoram.
  • Added the current high score to the Game Over screen so you can always know how many heads you were behind from your previous run. Put in this way, it really makes you wonder just how many heads have you stacked in total, eh?
  • Made balance changes to the Pantheon Tech Drop Tables in Classic Mode to be closer to the original version of the game while keeping it's fairness.
  • Nerfed the Lute. It's audio medicine was so effective that it was making gladiators piratically invincible. The Colosseum 36's public doesn't like seeing people staying alive for too long so we had to change that.
  • Fixed a certain rare gladiator not spawning at all.
  • Fixed rare issue of enemies being home-run-ed out of the arena, allowing them to escape and never come back.
  • Added some new constraints to enemy movement to avoid them sometimes getting stuck on the player.
  • [Web Version] Links properly work on the web version now and will open in a new tab, instead of getting stuck inside the embedded and never loading at all.
  • Added a new "Updates" button to the menu that quickly links to this change log thread.
  • Removed Twitter links from the Menu Screen and instead stashed them under a new Links menu which now has the Twitter links as well as links for the relevant pages.
  • Improved the Controller Flow in various menus. One such example is when picking a new tech. Maniacally pushing controller buttons after ending a wave will no longer accidentally pick a new tech without your consent.
  • Added a new window which asks the player for feedback after some rounds.
  • Several miscellaneous optimizations.
  • Made a Shoutout to Simpleflips.

Known Regressions (a small hot-hot-fix should be up later):

  • Tech Cards will sometimes display both controller and item instructions when they should only display one at a time depending on the tech type.

Play it!

Developer (2 edits)

We've made a small Hotfix for Version 1.1B2 that we published yesterday. This hotfix fixes the Tech Cards regression and also fixes some typos we found while showcasing the game to yesterday, and since it was a really small fix, it doesn't justify increasing the version number.

Here's the change log for Version 1.1B2 Hotix! (Relased 01 Oct)

  • Fixed small regression in Tech Cards where they would, sometimes, display both controller and item instructions when they should only display one at a time depending on the tech type.
  • Fixed some typos in some of the Tech Cards descriptions. One such example is "Poison" being written as "Posion" in the Garden Scythe card.

Play it!

At this point in time we don't have the next patch for the game planned. We're currently waiting for for an answer regrading showing the game at a public event, and depending on the answer, a further version of the game will be developed. If you would like to see more of Colossorama, don't forget to make a post over at the Feedback Thread!

Developer (1 edit)

During this past weekend we were at Lisboa Games Week here in Portugal where we had the opportunity to showcase Colossorama to the general public for a handful of hours. It was really cool and nice to see Colossorama getting some newfound fans right in front of our eyes! Since it was a major event, we decided to update and fix some last-longing issues that the game has had since the last patch.

But before we get to the patch notes, we want to give a massive thank you and shout-out to RobinhoodPT (Twitter over at @RobinhoodYT). Robin helped us by composing unique and original music pieces for Colossorama, which helped give the game a more unique touch we we're long aiming for. He's still in the beginning of his audio composing journey, but his tracks fit perfectly with the mood of the game!

To the rhythm of the new music, here's the change log for Version 1.1B3! (Released 20 Nov)

  • Added RobinhoodPT's brand new original sound tracks. One unique piece for the menu, and another unique piece for the actual gameplay.
  • Added RobinhoodPT to the Credits and Links, as well as a cameo gladiator.
  • Added new screen feedback when the player is hit.
  • Added new "Show Highscore during Gameplay" option. This allows the player to compare their current number of heads slain to their standing highscore right during gameplay. This was made as a toggable option since some players might not want to see their highscore at all times.
  • Added new enemy movement constraints. Enemies can no longer be pushed outside the arena by weapons' knockback. Instead they will hit an invisible wall.
  • Added several back-end code for future versions of the game and analytics. This will allow us to better measure the interest in the game.
  • Updated various minor UI elements to reflect new changes and accommodate new content.
  • The player will now start with a Pike as the secondary weapon. This indirectly explains the player they can pick two weapons in the upgrades screen.
  • Fixed enemy gladiators still playing the walking animation after a Game Over.
  • Fixed Game Over Retry button not highlighting while using the controller, despite being selected.
  • Fixed the size of the Nord Drink's explosion sprite to be the same size as the Horus' Grenade explosion.
  • Fixed the player sometimes jumping all the way up to the sky.
  • Fixed spelling typo on Horus' Grenade. Moski cried of joy when he finally saw this fixed.
  • Removed Mipmaps on various sprites that caused them to become non-pixel-perfect.

Play it!

We were pretty happy to see a reemerge of interest in Colossorama especially since we have been busy with several new projects and university assignments that have made us unable to focus as much on the project as we wanted to. We're currently trying to measure the community's interest to see if further development is worth it, so keep in touch!