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Door In The Woods

Open world roguelike inspired by lovecraftian mythos.​ · By teedoubleu

Feedback, unsolicited suggestions, threats and demands. Sticky

A topic by teedoubleu created Mar 12, 2019 Views: 635 Replies: 15
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Please post your general feedback and minor suggestions here.

Any chance of a Mac build?


I uploaded a Mac version, but I have no idea whether it works or not. If you check it out then please report back:D 

Hey :) A friend just showed me this and we're both having pretty bad resolution issues - even on my 2560x1600 Macbook the game just doesn't fit (though it's slightly better than on his laptop). If variable resolutions aren't possible, would you be able to provide a build at a smaller resolution so we can see all our stats? 
Thanks! :D 


Hey! Looks like the Mac build doesn't work properly and because I don't have a Mac to test it I'm unfortunately removing Mac support for this game.

Is it possible to change the resolution? Like the previous poster says the game simply doesn't fit on the screen.

I seem to be unable to download it on windows 10 through the itch-io launcher.


Can you download it from the website? It's a .rar archive and you need to unpack it before playing.

Yeah, but the app just tells me it is not available for windows.

Did you set something up wrong when uploading the mac version? Is there a "Platforms" option somewhere?


Ok, I think I fixed it. Please try again:D

Sorry for the late reply. According to google, all itch io emails are spam...

INSTALL button exists, downloading...

Launched. Help me, they are behi-

A way to include/exclude monster types, ie: no undead. 

Hi there, I've got the same issue others are having. The resolution is screwed up. At 1920x1080 it seems fine, but at lower reses, like 1440x900 and 1680x1050, the game window is too large. It's also not configurable in any way. I'd like some kind of option, config file, or command switch that will allow users to set a window size or something. I really want to get into this game.



This game does not support resolutions under 1920x1080 unfortunately.

Maybe a solution for the resolution would be to have it browser-based? I don't know.  I really want to play this, but like the others, it won't fit my screen size.  :(


Instead of a game, if you could design this as a tile set and interface for other games like doom rl, cataclysm dark days ahead or dwarf would launch these niche ascii games into mainstream. People are willing to pay as patron and donate to these game developers....provide an alternative display and interface for them and people would gladly pay for it. I know I would.

This is a great idea as an ascii graphical interface platform. A tool perfect for any ascii game developer.