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ViViD Relapse

Find the help you deserve and explore the depths of your illness in this mind-bending platformer. · By WretchWorks

Played about 2 hours of it and love it.

A topic by Nickscalibur created 81 days ago Views: 39 Replies: 2
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I played this game because my friend said it had a cool art style and was fun to play and my god he wasn't wrong. The story so far is just convoluted enough to keep you questioning but also understandable enough to piece it together. I love how the levels change the surroundings and how there are several different stages to play through. One thing I don't like is the flipping and reversing of the screen and characters but that's because I  suck at those kind of levels. Other than that I love this game so far and will be uploading a play-through to my YouTube channel Nickscalibur starting March 7. 

edit:Added Video 🙂


Thank you so much for sharing your play-through! We always love seeing folks record their first experience with our work.

Just finished the game and I have never been so confused with a plot. Awesome game otherwise though 😄.