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Where 10.000 steam keys ?

A topic by eduhsuricato created Sep 25, 2016 Views: 4,093 Replies: 37
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it not steam key ?


really ???


Where is my steam key? Is not fair what you done to me :((




Где ключ ?!

Это англиский форум , дауна кусок лбять!


Still be patient. When/if this is released in steam. All winners will get their keys. But I can't influence to Valve's decision when they are accept this project


(+1) look at this.

cause of this, its not a Steam Key yet !

Download the File and play ;)

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Omg stupid humans, game no relese in steam. Stop tallk and vote game in greenlight.



Hi! I have this game on Can i have a steam key, please? Thanks!


Steam key please

not gl yet dude, check store before ask...

We need our keys

Death Block Puzzle say "We couldn't find your page" lol


Typical REX Network Bullshit


Yes I have made few giveaways with one partner. And yes steam keys will be delivered if game will sometime in future get greenlit. I hope that someday, but not can promise anything


good question ,another scam ,seen it before on here.

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