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The Hit

A game about stealth, observation and killing for money · By Dan Stubbs

@Dev Any updates?

A topic by Daza created Mar 05, 2019 Views: 200 Replies: 3
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Just wondering how this game is progressing? im guessing you have a full-time job that takes up a lot of your time and so game development might be slow. Still would be good to know how much you have progress since last demo update and if there is a roadmap for 2019? 

i'm still keen in seeing this game fiinished and playing it, im sure there are others too but with little info coming through one tends to forget about it. 


You guessed right. Most of what I've been doing lately is refactoring and streamlining my code. There's an awful lot of it, and the complexity of the codebase has been slowing me down a lot when actually I've found time to work on the game. So, the constructor system (which makes every object in the game, and is in charge of un-making it when the damage system demands) has been getting a massive overhaul recently. It's a lot more usable than it used to be, and it's mostly in pre-compiled classes now, so it's not taking up  any compile time while I'm working on other things. I've been working on a bunch of other systems, but that's been taking up most of my development time.

Apologies for the silence, I haven't really had anything exciting to post for a while, but as soon as I do, you'll be hearing from me.

Thanks for the post, It's awesome to see that there's still some interest in this game, despite the lack of updates.

Been awhile! Any new updates? Would like to know how the project is going!

Hi ! Still a work in progress or dead ? Thanks.