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Rules of Engagement

An old school starship battle simulator, · By halkun

Original Missions Import?

A topic by kickaha-2017 created Mar 04, 2019 Views: 161 Replies: 1
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This was a great game back in 1987 and it's still great today.  Nice job!  One question though, is there an option for importing the original games missions, races, ships, etc?  That would be fantastic as I still have my original game


The game is 100% compatible with the DOS  version. You can move the .mis mission files right over. The other database files such as the solar system, captain, and ship files are also compatible. When you install and run the game for the first time, the data files are uncompressed and go into %appdata%\rules\data. From there you can trade the missions you make or bring in your legacy files.