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Raspberry support?

A topic by Minifun created 82 days ago Views: 90 Replies: 4
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Any Plan to support arm board like Raspberry Pi?

Thanks anyway for your wonderful engine!

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Hello Minifun,

There were no plans for that as ct.js is based on nw.js that doesn't officially support ARM platfroms. I release all the binaries provided by nw.js team.

Still, it seems that there is a way to run nw.js on ARM platforms: (actual binaries are in the "Releases" tab)
Using it might be as simple as replacing binaries in ct.js for linux with binaries for ARM. Try it, and tell about results soon. Maybe it will work without problems and can be included on par with other ct.js releases. Maybe it is not suitable at all as I know nothing about Raspberry and its support for processors ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Hello, thanks for your fast response! 

I Will try change the binaries this afternoon.


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Aldo found this:

Maybe help

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Nwjs_rpi seems outdate! But the version you had posted works out of box on Raspberry 3, but i cannot manager to run ct.js !