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The Hit

A game about stealth, observation and killing for money · By Dan Stubbs

Two quick questions

A topic by Bronxsta created Sep 21, 2016 Views: 314 Replies: 2
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1) The description describes the game as multiplayer but the details sound like they're lean more toward single player interaction. Will this game offer offline/single player modes as well?

2) Does buying the game now allows us to get later builds (basically it is a pre-order/early access or just checking out the current build?


Hey Bronxsta.

1) I'm working on the single-player mode first, but multiplayer is planned for soon after release. I'll talk more about the multiplayer modes then.

2) Yes, absolutely. All future builds will be free if you've bought The Hit from here.

I've had a dream of a procedural Hitman game since at least 2000 :D

Procedurality is an ideology and religion to me. And it's great to see someone make this. I just bought it now.