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Rogue Legend 2

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How to get your bug fixed quickly Sticky

A topic by Kassoon created Feb 24, 2019 Views: 54
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Before, let me preface: this is all optional. I'm grateful for any and all bug reports, and often simply pointing out that something is wrong is enough for me to find and fix it.

In order for me to fix a bug I need two things: I need to recreate the bug myself so I can see it happening and what exactly in the code is causing it, and then I need to come up with a fix that won't take too long to implement. That first step is crucial, without making the bug happen again on my own machine it's very unlikely that I'll be able to fix it, and the bug will sit. Sometimes this is straight-forward, sometimes it requires a complex and precise number of steps. Sometimes it's hardware related, and without some sort of access to the hardware to reproduce the bug then I'm unlikely to be able to fix it, so make sure all your drivers are up to date and you've done a clean virus scan of your system using something like Malwarebytes.

Sometimes a bug will pop up an error message on your screen in red text in the corner. Good news! These are usually the easiest bugs to fix, all I need is the stack trace in the error message. If you click on the message it will expand and display a bunch more info. Like this:

If you take a picture of it (like this one) I can usually fix it quickly. You can also click on the "Open Log File" button to get the full log and upload/paste that.

However even with something as simple as an error message I also need to know the context, what you did that caused it to happen. So then I can go and do the same thing, have the error message pop up for me, and then fix it. Maybe that requires a series of steps. Maybe it only happens when you do something specific within one of your saves, in which case uploading the save may be necessary for me to reproduce it. You can find your saves in:


C:\Users\YOUR_USERNAME_HERE\AppData\LocalLow\Help I Made A Game\RogueLegend2


~/Library/Application Support/Help I Made A Game/RogueLegend2


~/.config/unity3d/Help I Made A Game/RogueLegend2

Another thing you can do when posting bug reports is to hit tilde ` before taking the screenshot, which will cause a bunch of info to display in the top left corner. One of those is the random seed used to create your world. Since so much of the game is randomized and procedurally generated, some bugs may only happen in specific seeds in specific circumstances, so having the seed is another thing that can help me reproduce the bug on my end.