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[Programmer] Looking for a developer with some free time looking for a project that uses Godot!

A topic by SoiledCold created Feb 23, 2019 Views: 148 Replies: 1
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<Job Offer> Developer position

<Description> I need someone to help me in the development process of my game, it's a simple game and I really don't know how to code. That's why I'm considering some help

<Conditions> Must be able to make a 2d airview game on godot and have experience coding.

<Payment Details> Could have many forms, Dogecoin or a % of the game's revenues, that's up to you, but that's not a "one time" offer, more like long term collaboration.

<Other Details> Before contacting me, please forward with your message some examples of your work, so me and my artist can at least take a brief look on your experience

<Contact> Private messaging on discord (SoiledCold#7011) or in the comments

Here is our discord for info of our community!

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hey im a game dev that works in unreal if your happy to go to that rather than using godot. I don't have any games out at the moments but I can send you a link to one game im working on (needs art and sound) as the code side of that is complete I am looking for another project while I wait for my artists and sound engineer to finish off the assets. thanks. im happy to work for a % share.