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Bug ? Chapter 2 - Echoes, win under 6 turns

A topic by Tchey created Feb 19, 2019 Views: 74 Replies: 7
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I've finished the current content, but now i'm trying to get every points, as i did miss some on the way.

In Chapter 2 - Echoes, i can't manage to win in max 6 turns. At the first turn, i expect the Drudge standing in the middle to move toward me, like the others do, when you step just 1 tile away from their movement. But this Drudge doesn't move at turn 1, so i need to spend one more turn to "trigger" it, and finish the level in 7 turns.

What am i missing ?


Here are some pictures.

So, at first, i see 2 options

Option 1, Turn 1, i move to the south of the trap, and the drudge doesn't move.

Turn 2, i move to the west, or i pass, and the drudge comes to east of the trap, and then i can pull him to the trap, but it's already turn 3, cannot deal with the level under 6 turns.

Option 2, Turn 1, i move to the west of the trap, and the drudge doesn't move. The archer prepares its bow.

Turn 2, i must move because of the archer, so i go south of the trap. The drudge comes to the north of the trap, and i can pull him to the trap, but it's too late to deal with the level under 6 turns.


Aaaah, i did it, after maybe 10 tries. I still kill the first drudge, but then i avoid the enemy to reach the end.

Still it feels wrong the first drudge doesn't move on first turn.


Hi Tchey,

First off, well done on completing that! The first Drudge not moving is indeed a bug. 

We will try to sort that out as soon as possible!

Out of interest, did you take any damage to complete the level in 5 turns?


No damage taken ! 


Impressive! Nicely done :)


That's my run :


We will still try to figure out why that Drudge isn't moving on the first turn, but well done indeed! That is a very impressive use of your resources to complete the map!