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Heroes and skills

A topic by Tchey created 65 days ago Views: 26 Replies: 2
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So far, i've seen :

The Outlander. He pushes the target (enemy or ally) 1 or 2 tiles away. Does not deal direct damage. If the Outlander kicks a target into another one, they are both stunned for next turn.

The Slaver. He pulls the target (enemy or ally) from 3 tiles away to the tile right in front of him. Does not deal direct damage. If the Slaver pulls a target into another one, they are both stunned for next turn.

The Guardian. She have a shield able to negate almost all damage from melee as well as arrow. It's passive, as long as she is facing the hit. She can also use her active skill to Stun the target for the next turn. Does not deal direct damage.

The Cyclop, it seems we don't actually play it more than one mission ? Can deal direct damage, to kill its target.

What else ?

An archer ? able to deal damage from distance.

A mage ? able to change its place with anyone,  or maybe at higher level to switch two targets position. Could open a lot of puzzle or fun situations. Could also be able to leech-healing, taking 1 life to anyone, to give it to anyone.

A psycho ?  able to take control over an enemy, but get hurt doing so. So, each new controlled target = one less hitpoint.

A flyer ? able to pass over traps and water, and carry one target in its claws

Also, if i'd like to see more characters, i'd prefer i think to have more than one skill per character.


Hi Tchey,

Thank you for the feedback! You've put forward some very cool ideas, and some we've been considering ourselves as well!

We can't confirm too much right now, as a fair bit of this is still in testing. What we can do is go over the skills currently slated for a public test in the coming weeks, as well as talk a bit about upcoming characters. We can also confirm that each of the three main heroes (Outlander, Slaver, Guardian) will definitely have multiple skills, as well as quite a few passive abilities to modify gameplay! It bears mentioning that many of these skills will also have higher ranks that increase the range and / or effect.

Please note, this skill list is not in any way final, and some information may change. Each  main character will also have skills that are not on this list.

The Outlander:

  • Battlemaster (passive): The Outlander can take additional actions each turn 2 / 3 / more?
  • Sprint (active): The Outlander can sacrifice 1 action point for 1 / 2 move points.
  • Spur On (passive): Shoving an ally also grants that ally 1 / 2 additional move points this turn

The Slaver:

  • Darting Lash (passive): The Slaver can take 1 additional action each turn
  • Flash Potion (active): The Slaver can throw a volatile potion to a nearby tile, forcing all adjacent enemies to face that tile (very useful against Archers, Turtles, Impalers and Giants, as well as later-game enemies)
  • Taskmaster (passive): Whipping an ally also grants that ally 1 / 2 additional move points this turn

The Guardian:

  • Shield Mastery (passive): If the Guardian finishes her turn with action points remaining, she will automatically turn to block one attack against her side or back for each remaining action point
  • Essence Lance (passive): If the Guardian shield bashes an Essence Orb, it becomes a lance of arcane energy that flies forward, heavily damaging the first target it strikes.
  • Healing Lance (passive): Hitting an ally with an Essence Lance will instead heal the target.
  • Blessed Lance (passive): The Guardian's Essence Lance can now damage Unborn (which are normally immune to most attacks).
  • Piercing Lance (passive): The Guardian's Essence Lance now pierces through multiple targets.

Other Playable Characters:

  • At present, we do not expect any characters that deal direct damage to join the party permanently (this may change!)
  • The Cyclops will be back in future levels!
  • You will also be able to play as other Firstborn in future story levels and side missions
  • Free Mode will include playable Firstborn
  • We like the idea of a position-swapping mage too!
  • Mind control would be fun!
  • We are testing a lot more cool stuff we can't really announce just yet, but stay tuned!

Again, we must apologise that we aren't able to fully answer every question yet, but please rest assured that we are listening, and that feedback like this helps us make the game a lot better! We also hope this little teaser of what is to come has piqued your interest for future updates!


Interest piqued.