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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

Suggestions: Commute, Air, Security, Population and Food

A topic by created Sep 13, 2016 Views: 1,356 Replies: 8
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Hello there, First of, I love this game. It reminds me so much of Space Colony and Outpost. And both are fond childhood games of mine.

But I do have a few suggestions for area's I felt could use fleshing out or improving.

Commute: Commute right now is handled by walking through tunnels. As a colony grows larger the issue gets worse. If you're building in area's where space is a luxury, the issue is made worse. Logically the fact the workers can travel directly from building to building would be a boon to commute, rather than needing to traverse a tunnel. But as colonies grow larger I've noticed the AI dosn't relocate workers to live in places closer to their work place. Thats why I thought it may be beneficial to provide some sort of transportation system. Either by using production lines to make Segways and "Hoverboards". Or by building Monorails, VTOL Buses or Trains.

Air: I don't know if this is intentional but I've noticed that even with a lot of Purifiers or Intakes the quality of air can still be a little low at times. This could be a bug, but I thought it may be better to have a high end, final tier building that either converts the atmosphere and distributes it across the whole colony, or by having Parks contribute to Oxygen levels. I'd say have a end game project to terraform the planet but given the effort to make the colony so hermetically sealed and designed, I doubt that would be a design goal for the game.

Security: Sometimes it's not financially viable to have plenty of drones of this type. But I figured it may be a good idea to have a policy for Community Policing/Community Watch. This would benefit early colonies that can't dedicate immediate resources to security via drones and drugs.

Population: I've noticed rather interestingly that the only way to get workers is to bring them in. I'm surprised since they are humans. Humans will form bonds, fall in love. Reproduce. It's why I'm surprised there's no School buildings. Educated workers would carry an Efficiency Bonus for working on the planet.

Food: Simply put, Live Stock. Humans aren't biologically designed to survive on a Vegetarian diet. Unless in the future we have some super plant that contains all the calories, protein and minerals of meat.

Ive had some issues with commute, All I did was make a new habitat closer to the job then goto where they live & click on the Low setting They almost instantly leave to the new building.... sometimes they dont but for the most part they do...

My only Gripe is how each campaign is ended, Its abrupt & doesnt allow you to carry on building once complete lol.... You run out of resources quickly even on the sandbox levels.... I think the sandbox settings are the same as the campaigns instead of being much lower or higher depending on how you look at it....

I agree with everything you've said. I really like the bus or tram idea. The park helping with O2 would give me an even better reason to build them. Not really sure about the atmosphere generator though.

Commute is definitely.. awkward at times. You'd think "Direct Adjacency" would carry a commute bonus rather than make it worse.

It's also a little odd how "Multiple" Tubes over a long distance can reduce high commute complaints over a single line. They're still walking a longer distance. Either people of the future are hooked on glass tubes, or the use of mood enhancers has dulled their brains :/

It would make more sense to me if they did go about making use of other transport methods. Would significantly help with keeping colonies relatively "TIdy" rather than sprawling over the landscape in chaos, you'd have sections of colony spread out to where they need to be (Mines, Farms etc). Actual zones, rather than a mass sprawl. I.e. AgriZone, Industrial Zone, Residential Zone. Something more akin to urban planning and city management.

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Are you guys meaning instead of the original tubes that a smaller tube with monorail inside, sort of thing be added, That would be a cool addition.... I dont like how the levels end, It stops you from carrying on even though you still need to quit out to start the new level... But thats only a small gripe.... Since the last patch my people do seem to be getting more confused as to where there living compared to the distance of there job.... so much so ive had to destroy buildings so they move.... Not sure why that is.... Also a very limited amount of resources almost like its designed to stop you near the end.... Same in the sandbox, I was under the impression its ment as a free roam build of sorts but again resources arent that apparent....

The polution aspect ive not had any issues with, You place them down, They affect a certain size boundry & your done...

In Sandbox the resources available can be customized I think.

But yeah I mean like a tube that has a monorail. Or even a normal monorail system that undocks from a station and goes along the rail to the next.

I'd also like the option to keep going at the end like in "story mode" on a map, I finish them with a lot of goals still left on some of them. As well as I'd like to see another option for power too, mostly Turbines. I ran out of Zodium on the last ice map and had to build like 45 solar panels to meet my power needs. During the winter I had to use the batteries to keep going. While on the point of batteries, I'd also like to put my vote in for them being auto turn on.

as they are storms on some planets, I think we should be able to use the force of the winds to produce power.

I should probability correct your view of Humans being biologically not vegetarian. We in fact can live solely on a vege diet and "are" biologically adapted to that, its just so happens that we can eat meat also. An example I could use would be a tiger eating grass, its not going to kill the tiger, but its not the preferred diet for it either.  We can digest meat because our stomachs can turn foreign materials into fat for storage, with meat being a foreign material to our bodies. Also meats are part of the reason for certain disease and illness such a cancer, diabetes, heart attacks, the list could go on. Its also part of the reason why obesity is such a problem. The only reason we eat meat now is  because ancient humans couldn't grow their own food and had to rely on whatever they could find or hunt. 

As for adding it to Aven colony I for one think its a good idea anyway since people commonly eat meat now, despite it not being good for them, and (hopefully) I can see little piggies!