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Male Characters

A topic by Illusia created Feb 15, 2019 Views: 180 Replies: 2
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Hi, I just tried the demo and this program has some great potential! However, I was wondering if the actual version is as limited in the styles available for male characters? For example, the demo had only one hair style for male characters. Is this the case for the paid version as well? I would really need some more male options for this program to be useful for me, so it would be great to know if the actual program already has more styles or if more styles are coming soon. Thanks!


Yeah, the demo and full version has the exact same content, just with export disabled. If you're unsure about supporting us, I suggest to just follow our account (and maybe Twitter) for now. More content will be added, of course, as this project is still in early access phase. We usually update significant progress in our Twitter account periodically, and follow up with a longer story in our Devlog here.

We're currently working towards a big-ish update which includes new content for NaNoRenO (March), so you might want to wait until that time if you're unsure.

Thanks for your interest!

Thanks for the quick response! I've followed you. I'll wait for the March update, sounds good. I really hope the update would have some short (even shorter) hairstyles for male characters (and for the tough, badass girl characters!)

Also, another suggestion: dresses, please? Just some basic long sleeve, short sleeve, and top-style dresses would be great. Thanks! I look forward to the update.