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Rubi: The Wayward Mira

A vibrant 16-bit metroidvania. Inspired by particle physics and the nightmares that exist within ourselves. · By kieryst

Stream video/feedback

A topic by hupfen created Feb 14, 2019 Views: 61 Replies: 1
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Hola! I do a regular Twitch series on game demos, and since Rubi has a demo, it got covered.

Main takeaways, if you don't want to watch the whole thing: animation is great, presentation overall is lovely, just got frustrated with the save system. And I would've rather the main map draw in as you explore, but I can see arguments either way there.


Awesome! Thanks so much for sharing! I love watching playthroughs.

I hope to update the demo to the latest version shortly, once everything on my plate is more or less in order. Hope to see you do another run!