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Upcoming Versions! Sticky

A topic by bludgeonsoft created 197 days ago Views: 60
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Developer (Edited 5 times)

Upcoming Versions!

This is my current outline for the next few updates. The features are likely to change somewhat, and the items that are higher up have higher priority.

Let me know if I should reorder this list, or if I'm missing something you want! There's a bigger feature wishlist at the bottom of the in-game Help window.

Current version is 0.26.00

VERSION 1 Full Release (1.00.00) ETA Q1 2017
Game Design Goals

  • Simplify the simulation to make it easier to learn how the world works
    • Re-do the ecosystem & genetics simulator. IN PROGRESS
    • Make better use of nutrients. DONE
    • Develop a clearer distinction between genes and their derived attributes. IN PROGRESS
  • More intelligence behind zombitons and their hoarding/swarming behaviors.
    • Zombs should build and modify the world on their own, not just when you attack them

Ideas for future features
  • in-game music!
    • v1: composed songs contained within crystals that can be dug up and played in a craftable boombox
    • v2: programmatically generated
    • v3: with it's own genetic code, evolving
  • more walls and floors
  • new beverages
    • green: Revolt! Drink it to keep the zombs away DONE
    • red: Dr. Up, heals you and your anims
    • orange: Urge, makes your anims highly fertile
  • ghosts (or "ghosts")
  • statues: to save/load avatar dolls
  • pets!
    • name tags (to name anims and keep them alive indefinitely)
    • leashes
    • whistle (to call named anims back to you)
  • DNA manipulation
    • DNA extractor (syringe)
    • DNA holders (test tubes)
    • DNA sharing (as text "AGCCATCTC...")
    • Some way to create an anim from injected DNA (eggs? a replicator?)
  • camera and photo sharing DONE
  • hard mode / easy mode
  • craftable paint cans and painted walls
  • more achievements