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Cave Story Randomizer

A Cave Story mod which shuffles weapons, equipment, and upgrades. · By shru

Getting the lipstick early before meeting Chaco won't let you get the item Chaco is holding.

A topic by Sun Spirit created Feb 10, 2019 Views: 118 Replies: 2
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Basically what the title says.
For proof, here is my full stream of Cave Story Randomizer.
I get the Lipstick when receiving the gift from Santa after returning his Key at around 27:38.


Hey! Thanks for the bug report and for the VOD! I'll definitely be watching the whole thing.

As for the bug itself, I guess this is sort of the flip side of a bug I already knew about. Chako's sleep sequence is based around whether or not you have to lipstick, so: (1) If you already have the lipstick, then you can never get the item which was placed there, (2) If you don't have the lipstick, then you can collect the item which was placed there an infinite amount of times.

I'll try to have this fixed fairly soon, although I'm a little busy these days so I can't promise it will be immediately.

It's no problem, take your time! The Randomizer is already great and I've enjoyed it all the way though! I wish you the best!