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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

Please make sure you are using v. 18.10.1 of the launcher or later Sticky

A topic by mothership created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 2,209 Replies: 8
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The terrific folks at have made a ton of great updates lately, and many of those impact Aven Colony. Please make sure to update the launcher to version 18.10.1 or later.

If you do download with the latest version of the launcher you're still having problems, you should still be able to download from the website directly, without using the launcher, and then just run AvenColony.exe after unzipping.

Am I missing something, When I downloaded the file it was a compressed folder with the game files inside, There was NO launcher ?

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Did you download the game directly from the website?

The above post is more about using the client. Which basically downloads the zip file and extracts it for you.

If you downloaded from the website, then you just download hte zip file, extract it, then run the exe to play the game


Right. Like Satoru said, it refers to those using's launcher, but those downloading directly should be fine.


Correct. Just extracting from the ZIP file and then running AvenColony.exe should work fine!

How do i get it into the launcher afterwards without redownloading?


No idea. I'd contact support.

Would be nice if there was a link here for the launcher since I can't find it to download.


Here's the link to the launcher!