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Aven Colony

Aven Colony is a sci-fi colony-building sim - create humanity's first settlement on an extrasolar world! · By mothership, Mothership Entertainment, ellie_team17

HOW can I install the updates

A topic by fear-less created Sep 08, 2016 Views: 1,321 Replies: 7
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Hello together,

I've got an email with the information about a new update.

But how can I install that.

Thank you very much

Umm im guessing here based on education but as there is no installer I assume any update is a new build so you could just take a copy of your saved folder thats in your game directory & drag it into the newly uncompressed download you have,, Run the game & check that works with your save if it does then stick to that method...... Other way of doing it would be to uncompress the new file directly into your already existing folder so all new files over wriote the old ones.......Keep a copy of your game save just in case...

Thanks, but I didn't understand a single word. I'm not so good with changes. I prefer a system that makes the changes for me like Steam or Origin etc.

But I've learned a few minutes ago that itch had their own launcher. And I think it will work for me with the updates now.

You need ot update the client

1) click your name in the lower left

2) Click "Check for updates"

3) in the lower middle you will see an orange button that will tell you its downloading the update

4) once the update is downloaded click to install the update

5) then install Aven Colony


Thank you so much satoru.

Your post I have understand and now I know that I have to install the launcher first. :-)

At the moment I've played aven from my laptop - but I will install that game over the itch app.

Hi at all.

I just have to ask although there is a guide above:

My status:

a) Aven Colony is in my library.

b) will it update automatically or have I do this manually? (an if it is so, what button I have to click)

Thanks for your answers...

Greetings from Germany



Hey, the itch app checks every 30 minutes for newer versions of all installed games, and downloads+installs them automatically!

Thank you very much !!!!

Just about a short time before you wrote, Amos, I recognized, that I have to click on the screen from Aven Colony right here in my library.This opens the buttons at the right side of the screen (Shows local files..version number...check for update etc.) This was , what I needed...;-) Again: Thank you very much, Amos, your service is great !!!! Bye and have a nice weekend. Ocejanus