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Rogue Legend 2

Run a farm, a shop, or dungeons with friends · By Kassoon

Forums moved?

A topic by Kassoon created Feb 06, 2019 Views: 125 Replies: 1
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Yes, I've redirected the official forums on to these. They were only being used by a few people for Rogue Legend 2 stuff anyway and phpBB has numerous security vulnerabilities that I was opening myself up to by hosting them on my own server. As the website was getting more popular I was noticing a lot more "non-interactive" and spambots accessing the forums and it's just not worth the risk of having all the tools and content on the site risk being interrupted by buggy free 3rd party software.

Anyway, this shouldn't really effect much except the inconvenience of you dear reader having to register an account in a new place. I'm sorry about that, but for the most part everything should be able to continue on as normal!

I've archived the old forums so nothing has been lost, and if there was something on the old forums that you'd like me to migrate here I can do so.

Aww! Well, I'll miss the old forums (RIP, they had some activity, but not enough)... Good luck to the new forum, may it have a more impressive destiny 👍