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Working on "Little Nemo - The Dream Master" / Progress Report

A topic by Paq Attax created Sep 07, 2016 Views: 235 Replies: 1
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Because I have a certain fondness for Little Nemo as a franchise, from its original 1905 comic strip in the New York newspapers to the 1989 Animated Film, I decided to take on "Little Nemo - The Dream Master" as a 3DNES project.

Progress is coming along fine, but I figured I'd show some issues I encountered that I figured Geod may want to know about. I'm logging the issues in a list below, after the two videos.

I'm running the Mac v1.1 3DNES version of the emulator.

This is what I've been currently working on. Date timestamp is in the title.

This is the game as it normally appears on an NES, for comparison's sake.

So far, I've done most of the opening cinematic. Completed the title screen. And a good portion of the first level of the game, Mushroom Forest. However, the issues I've discovered so far:

  • @0:00 to 0:08 - In the opening of the game as soon as it's loaded, the first two lines of text that show up should be 1905 then NEW YORK. However, 3DNES has trouble displaying all the sprites for the text. I noticed this is commonly a problem not with the game, but rather with certain emulators. Cross reference with the intro to the 2nd video.
  • @0:08 - I have pushed this block of sprites back and Saved it several times. Seems to pop back out whenever I load the game and do more work.
  • @2:21 - The dirigible flying into the sky has the top half of it separating and sliding off. This happens regardless of what version of the game you play, and seems to occur in older emulators, much like the glitch about the opening text at the start of the game (Just like when it's supposed to say 1905, New York). Cross reference with the intro to the 2nd video.
  • @3:16 - Vines on the wall reference the same object, apparently. When I push the vines on the wall above into the background, the vines below Nemo go into the background too. Vice versa, when I pull the vines below Nemo to the front, the vines above come out too.
  • @6:23 - Rock pillar to the right of Nemo & the Frog cannot be pulled forward without pulling the entire back wall forward because the sprite for it is connected to the background wall. You can see that it is a solid pillar because there's a dark orange outline around it against the back wall, indicating it is solid. If you could somehow pull the sprite independently from the wall, it would look much better.
  • @7:02 - Big Red Mushroom object was converted to a cylinder, however parts of the top of the mushroom did not render correctly and still look a bit blocky and square.

My personal thoughts so far is that 3DNES has a lot of good potential to be a great emulator. There are still some issues that need to be fixed though. I just thought I'd share my discoveries here so far while working on the game so Geod and others would be able to see it.

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Thank you for your feedback! I will invertigate it.