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A topic by DaedalusMachina created Feb 04, 2019 Views: 248 Replies: 11
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Any possibility of translating this to English?  My knowledge of German is severely-limited so I wouldn't be able to do much.



I'd love to translate the game into English, but it would take quite a lot of time. 

If you'd really like to play the game, I'll try my best to get into the code and translate it, in the game there are thousands of lines of text so it will be quite hard to spot every word or sentence. 

Please notice that this can take a long time, and that I'm currently just a student doing this in my spare time, but when I'm finished, you will be reminded!

In the meantime you could test play the German game, to see if you like the gameplay! 

If it seems, that the translation takes too long, I'll try to implement most of the awesome mechanics into a new game in English, if that'd work for you. A positive and one negative side. Positive: I get all the text. Negative: I'd have to remake the entire game. 

Please tell me, what you think would be the best solution! 

In the meantime: most of the game is pretty straight forward (except for the story). 

Just a quick summary for you:

You are a happy little man living with his wife when some day your wife comes home, wounded and almost dead, she tells you that the evil SOMEBODY did that to her and he conquered all the seven kingdoms, than your quest to RULE THE WORLD IN PEACE begins. I believe, the only dialogue that is needed to complete the game is the second on, when you find a young lady in the woods who lost her stuff, you should talk to her! 

Once you found the, now from evil enemies inhabited, tower in the north you quickly find her dress and a fishing route, which she lost here. Be a nice guy and bring it back to her, will you!? 

What?! The entrance disappeared??!? 

Take the secret exit and bring the stuff back to the lady! 

I'm sure, that she'll be very happy! 

Now the journey continues on into the southern sahara, which also is inhabited by deadly creatures. You know the game by now, defeat another one of the evil boss monsters that SOMEONE sent here to protect it. 

By now, you should be a more experienced character with better weapons, armour etc. 

You take down the boss and now you are free to sail the world with your hot air balloon which practically can be ridden by pressing enter. 

The world will guide you to which dungeon is the next. 

You get stronger, find some village (there's one at the start of the game which can help you out very good if you got enough G, the currency of the game. If you like, you can take a really overpriced cooking course, but believe me, It'll save your life soo many times. If you buy it at the nice lady in the kitchen you are now able to cook at every herd or cutting board in the entire game, but you are a nice person, you don't steal the ingredients from the practically placed freezer underneath every cooking board and you pay 20 G to pay for it, this is far cheaper than really anything in the game, and the food will heal you real good! 

Throughout the next dungeons there won't be that much text and at some point: SPOILER, JOIN MY DISCORD to find out.

Until the very end of the game there isn't that much conversation, but some cool minigames and easy to understand side quests. 

If you are stuck at any point, you can always come onto my Discord server and we'll help you as fast as we can! 

I'll translate the complete end for you, but I don't want the text to stand here, so everyone knows it. 

The game is really damn hard. And I mean DAMN HARD. 

If this is your first RPG, I'd suggest you to pack always more than you think you should take, and always save every five minutes or so, it is really brutally hard, but I think, you can beat this, or can't you? 

For any questions, suggestions and the newest news, join my Discord.

A new software in English is coming out this quarter of the year, if you contact me on Discord you'll get an exclusive pre alpha version of it for free! 

Thanks for your time man! (or madam!) 

translating this to English would be nice for story wise but that's all you need English for its a really good game in german


That's really nice to hear, just like I said:

You can check the game out, even without knowing German that much!


Also: if you like the game, please tell your friends, it would mean a lot to me! 

Could you tell me what you especially liked about it? 

Do you speak German? 

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I greatly appreciate the detailed responses and mini-walkthrough for the game.
I believe that you could just put the game through 'machine translate' via Google Translate or another free translation service.  It wouldn't be perfect but it would be better than all German.

I'm already multilingual with English, Spanish, and some others.  German isn't too high on my list as I don't encounter many times where I'd need it ;)

I'm sure if you put up a crowdfunding page then you could raise like $500ish or so to hire a professional translator and possibly put the game up on Steam once it is fully translated.  You have some interesting game features so hopefully it would be good to try.

Feel free to join my FreshGaming Discord community server.  We can talk game design and other bits if you want ^_^

Developer (1 edit) (+1)

Oh my god!

I didn't think you were that much into my game, especially because most people just dislike a game cause it's made with rpgmaker, but you my sir, I think you really want this game, and if the desire is that big, I'll surely try my best to translate it.

So I guess, I'll look up the terms and conditions of some sites, or if you wanna help, just donate like 5 $ to the game, so I can possibly hire someone on fiverr or so, I'll try my best to make it happen fast and good, but really: It takes some time and only donate if you really want to.

I thank you very much for your encouragememt and your love to this game!


Ok, so you are one heck of a lucky person! 

I've just searched and I found my project folder which I thought that might have been corrupted during a breakdown of my external hard drive and if seems ok! 

Not enough of good news: I found a semi automatic tool to translate every little line of text in the game, so it will most likely just take 2-3 weeks for me to translate it myself, which means no cost at all! 

As I'm pretty good at english and the software is really tailored for this, it'll make it really easy for me to translate it! 

I'll start ASAP! 

Thank you for the motivation, since I started that game I wanted to translate it, but gladly just about one year ago, the tool of my dreams was published and I never noticed! Now, thanks to you, I can translate it! 

Hello SL1010, awesome to hear the good news!  If you'd like someone to edit/proofread through your script once you've finished translation, feel free to get in touch with me via Discord!  ^_^


OK, mybe I will!

I've chosen not to use the translator for this, I've been translating all of the text with my knowledge, and I've tried my absolute best to keep the homour and even add some new one to it!

I'll write as fast as I can and you'll be notified when it's finished!

Thank you for believing in me!



I've started translating and I typed for about two or three hours straight, I think by next week I'll be finished! 

馃帀 馃帀 


I'm finished! YAY!

You can download the english version now!