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Strive for Power

Fantasy Slave Management/RPG Erotic Game · By Strive4Power

personality trait, freedom and consent stat ideas

A topic by someguy201 created 21 days ago Views: 196 Replies: 2
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i have a idea for your game were each of your slaves  get unique dialog events and interaction based on a random personality seprate from traits (predetermined for a named character) and  new stats  freedom consent and behavior.

personality afects how your slave wants to act in and out of events

freedom show how free your slave is when deciding what to do outside of a job (certain non-erotic events can only happen depending on how free or not they are).

consent is similar to freedom but focuses on sexual events outside of regular interaction.

behavior  affects how they act in certain event an example they might mess up a room and blame it on someone they dont like if they have a bad behavior or they might help with other jobs if they have a positive behavior.

one way you can affect these stats is by  punishment and rewards events were at the end of the day you can chose to interact with a slave depending on how they acted that day, egs if maple was good you could chose to reward her by giving her a special dinner that would raise her  behavior or you could give her free time which would give her a bost to freedom and vise versa

sorry if this looks bad or makes no sense i am having a bad day and its 1 am

ill edit this tomorow if im not happy with it

This kind of complexity was my original intention when I started making the game long time ago. The problem with this kind of ideas, is that they are extremely hard to implement, balance and polish, because even on paper they seem over bloated.  On the opposite side, users don't usually like having incomprehensible systems they can't understand quickly and figure out what does what. My current approach to designing new mechanics is to introduce something fairly simple, straightforward and fun to use, then occasionally add more elements to it to balance out whole difficulty when its inappropriate. 

fair enough i honestly thought of it and it does feel like a lot of work

though it would be nice if for certain jobs you can get small events you can interact with.