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Update History (Current version: 1.0.2c, 17/1/2017) Sticky Locked

A topic by Savordez created Sep 03, 2016 Views: 7,108 Replies: 5
This topic was locked by Savordez Sep 05, 2017
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1.0.2c (17/1/2017)

• Fixed the consistent crashes caused by the removed Game Jolt integration

1.0.2b (16/1/2017)

  • The game no longer crashes when trying to create a new game
  • The credits now display the correct version

  • 1.0.2 (15/1/2017)

  • Fixed the champion ending permanently removing the player's Running Shoes
  • NOTE: To get them back, save the game.

  • Removed the Game Jolt integration completely
  • The game will no longer crash on startup if the player has a special character in their PC username

  • You now get 25-33% more Battle Points in the Trainer Tower
  • Doubled the chances of finding a shiny Pokémon and a Pokémon having Pokérus
  • The final boss's Pokémon's levels now scale up like the rest of Final Cave
  • Game.rgssad is no longer hidden (the file that contains all game data)
  • Fixed the Team Heroin grunt sprites having an R on their shirts instead of an H
  • Fixed an Aroma Lady on East Amber Route having wrong Pokémon
  • Gary still talked about a "darkness" in Chroma Road (this has been here since 0.3 o_o)
  • Fixed couple Itemfinder crashes
  • Assigned a proper battleback for Final Cave 3F
  • Fixed some oddities with the Trainer Tower
  • NOTE: The credits seem to stop scrolling if fullscreen is on. I can't figure out a fix for this.

    1.0.1 (9/23/2016)

  • Decreased the final Golden Dildo requirement to 45 in the Final Cave
  • Added a Poké Mart clerk to the Northern Cliffside Pokémon Center
  • The Game Jolt terminal has been removed (the integration will be fully removed in the future)
  • Modified Northern Shores a bit to fix a surf on land spot
  • Fixed some Pokémon still not evolving correctly
  • Fixed Purple's odd movement in Morass Town
  • Fixed the Paralyze Heal Pokéball on Route 23 crashing the game
  • The trade in Route 21 should no longer crash the game
  • Fixed Sans using White Splash instead of his normal move
  • Fixed some Mart crashes
  • Fixed some typos

  • 1.0 (9/2/2016)


    + Added the two final Post-Game Chapters

    + Added 8 new locations to Runkku Islands

    • East Amber Route

    • Morass Island

    • Morass Town

    • Northern Shores

    • Northern Plateau

    • Northern Cliffside

    ...and the FINAL DUNGEON.

    + The 6 last Golden Dildos have been added

    + 4 new Secret Bases have been added

    + 2 new outfits have been added

    + All 97 TMs are now available

    + 6 new trophies have been added (includes the previously unobtainable trophies)

    + 5 more obtainable legendaries


    - "Easy Mode" has been removed

    + You can now disable the dynamic time of day shading from the Options menu

    + Added two new Pokédex lists, one for Pokéradar exclusives and the other for legendaries

    NOTE: These may not work properly in old save files.

    + Added another way to obtain Rock Smash. You can now alternatively

    get it from a new NPC in Moonside Town.

    + Added another way to obtain the Itemfinder. You can now get it from

    Oak's assistant if you missed it.

    + Certain Pokémon now evolve in certain locations:

    Magneton -> Magnezone at the Soul Cavern

    Eevee -> Leafeon at the Fucksia Woods and Morass Island

    Eevee -> Glaceon at the Seamoan Islands Cave

    Nosepass -> Probopass at the Soul Cavern

    + Added a bunch of evolutionary stones all over the place

    + Added a few berry plants to existing areas

    + Added 3 new gauntlets to Trainer Tower's Gauntlet Mode

    + Added an Ether vendor to Verdanturd Town

    • Max Ethers will be available for purchase after defeating Giovanni

    + New Run Toggle and Screen Border options have been added [v16]

    + A new evolution animation has been added [v16]

  • Music and Sound Volume options now have sliders [v16]
  • More screen size options have been added, including a fullscreen option [v16]
  • Added a new option for automatic Game Jolt score sending
  • A very short version of the credits now plays after becoming the champion
  • All roaming legendaries now have their own roam pattern
  • The credits can now be skipped by pressing the Action button after they've played once
  • You can now close the Game Jolt Terminal with the Cancel button
  • Purple has a new trainer sprite
  • Tweaked Moonside Lake so that you no longer need Waterfall to climb back up
  • Made the Post-Game Chapter trophy images better
  • Centered the "Uncensored Edition" part of the title screen logo
  • Renamed "Cancel" to "Close" in the Options screen
  • Changed the E4 ending theme
  • Tons of minor tweaks from v16 [v16]


  • Fixed Oak's assistant not giving a Golden Dildo for 250 pokémon at certain situations
  • Fixed a few erroneous frames of the Old School Outfit
  • Fixed the Soul Cult 2F area being skipped
  • The player's sprite is now properly drawn in Duels
  • The corrupted Pokémon now deflect Pokéballs
  • Fixed the Registeel's room's exit taking the player straight outside
  • Possible fixes for some trophies not being awarded
  • The Debug option in the Party screen should now be always available in Debug Mode
  • Fixed the Condominiums cop's corpse changing its sprite when interacted with
  • Fixed a typo with the Berry Lady that would cause a crash
  • Fixed the Indigo Plateau hidden items alerting the Itemfinder when already found
  • Fixed the Power Lens being referred to as "Big Lens" in the Game Corner
  • Fixed the player getting stuck at the end of Chapter 1 on certain occasions
  • The "play -x games to rank up" bug in Game Corner should now be fixed
  • Fixed Purple being able to get into the Dildadon City Secret Base
  • Fixed the unconcious female character sprite changing frames when interacted with in Dildadon City
  • Fixed a bunch of situations where the player could see outside the game world
  • Fixed the player being able to escape to the boundaries of certain maps
  • Other minor fixes
  • Lots of bug fixes from v16 [v16]
  • Developer(+3)

    1.0.1 has been released!


    1.0.2 has been released!


    1.0.2b has been released.


    1.0.2c has been released.


    The source has been released. For more info, visit