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LDVR's Coinvault for the Vive

Play with your stacks of gold pillaged from early access wealth. · By ldvr

Sticky: The road to 0.1.4 Sticky

A topic by ldvr created Sep 02, 2016 Views: 207 Replies: 1
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The road to 0.1.4 has a few important stops along the way. While the ultimate goal of 0.1.4 is to have the VR User Interface returned back to the player's primary home vault, I have aspirations along the way that I want to complete and have ready.

  • Improved investment systems
  • Basis of a combat engine
  • Improvements to the art
  • Oracle enhancements all the way around
So far, here's how things have shaped up:
  • - Introduced abilities for the Oracle and manipulation of world space (doors!)
  • - Many improvements to the Oracle, start of the combat engine, and a serious number of improvements to the art (obviously more to come)

Coming up next:

  • - Combat engine enhancements. Principally this one will be about the VRPlayer's combat experience.
There's a strong chance we may go directly from to 0.1.4, but time will tell.

Combat Iteration: