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[Writer] [Free] Looking for a project to contribute to in my free time

A topic by KingOfBoop created 85 days ago Views: 138 Replies: 6
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Greetings potential team members!

My name is Klaus, (my pen name, not my real name) and I am a professional freelance ghostwriter/copywriter. But please don't let that scare you off...

I am looking for a project I can help with in my free time, to add a little fun to the otherwise relatively boring content I usually write. Not that what I usually write is boring, it's just not as creative and freeform as a game development project. 

If you're curious about my experience, it might be interesting to note that I actually have an associate degree in Video Game Development and I also studied creative writing. But while I was in school I never really found my niche. I tried art, animation, technical art, programming, and never really found my passion. So after I graduated, I got a regular job, then I eventually started writing freelance. And here we are today. I have been writing all my life, mostly as a hobby, until I started doing it professionally, of course.

I am looking to do this for fun, so I am not in it for pay. So my work will be free of charge to you and your team. However please bear in mind, if you plan on monetizing your project or start making unexpected cash flow. It's good buisness practice to give your contributors a cut, because let me tell you from experience, seeing someone else make money off your hard work, really hurts. So keep that in mind. We can discuss it if your concerned.

Also remember I have a professional life to maintain, I will do what I can, as quickly as I can. But no crazy last minute deadlines.

I am able to work all kinds of projects.

I can help you with character design/development.

I would love to write backstory, or flesh out your world.

I love game world lore, totally would get in on that.

I can write documentation, game descriptions, reviews, social media posts, press releases, product descriptions (like for the Google play store or Apple store)

I could even help you with quality assurance.

I might be cool with NSFW projects, just give me a heads up. Don't whip it out unexpectedly.

Seriously just reach out to me if you want to know what I can do for you.

Simply reply here or

Reach me by email at

Hey Klaus, I wonder if you'd be interested in the project that I'm currently working on. Please check the link below and let me know. Thanks!

Hi Magnus, do you have any other way of contacting you so we can discuss exactly what you're looking for?

Sure, my email is

Still open to anyone else who might need help. Let me know!

I made a project that you can extend with Bitsy! RPG Dialog Test

So, what is this? It seems to be a normal Bitsy starter game with a few animations, but it isn't. I actually added more dialog to the cat and added some neat features using the {printTile "tilename"} function for dialog. For those dialog tiles, I put an expression the character could be using. For example, I'll use the first thing the cat says, in []. [{printTile "cat1"}: Do cats even talk? Because I don't want to confuse you...]

So, by now, you should get what I mean by all of that mess. Just a summary! Have fun with the project!

Here's your invitation. ^_^