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Brave hundreds of hand-crafted challenges as you help Madeline survive her journey to the top of Celeste Mountain! · By Matt Makes Games, Noel

Can't launch the game !

A topic by Mahzer created 50 days ago Views: 668
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Hello , I don't know why but my game won't load.

downloaded XNA Redistributable so why won't i'm start ?

( sorry for my english, i tried my best aha)

I need help !!

Celeste Error Log:

28/01/2019 02:25:59

Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.NoSuitableGraphicsDeviceException: Unable to create the graphics device. ---> Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.DeviceLostException: Une exception de type 'Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.DeviceLostException' a été levée.
   à Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice.CreateDevice(GraphicsAdapter adapter, PresentationParameters presentationParameters)
   à Microsoft.Xna.Framework.Graphics.GraphicsDevice..ctor(GraphicsAdapter adapter, GraphicsProfile graphicsProfile, PresentationParameters presentationParameters)
   à Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.CreateDevice(GraphicsDeviceInformation newInfo)
   --- Fin de la trace de la pile d'exception interne ---
   à Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.CreateDevice(GraphicsDeviceInformation newInfo)
   à Microsoft.Xna.Framework.GraphicsDeviceManager.ChangeDevice(Boolean forceCreate)
   à Monocle.Engine..ctor(Int32 width, Int32 height, Int32 windowWidth, Int32 windowHeight, String windowTitle, Boolean fullscreen) dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Monocle\Engine.cs:ligne 47
   à Celeste.Celeste..ctor() dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste.cs:ligne 55
   à Celeste.Celeste.Main(String[] args) dans C:\Projects\C#\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste\Celeste.cs:ligne 400