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Space Transport Explorer

Craft, trade, unravel the galaxy in this crafting and trading story-driven universe space game! · By One Art Please, Rosebolt

Changelog (Pre-alpha v2.1.1) Sticky

A topic by One Art Please created Sep 01, 2016 Views: 248
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Developer (2 edits)

Changelog: Pre-alpha v2.1.1

Last version: Pre-alpha v2.1.1

  • Added more different types of planets and planet surfaces
  • Added Energy and Fuel to the game for a more challenging exploration experience
  • Added UI for keeping track of Needs of the player
  • Added new running animations
  • Forced new type of rendering for Planet surfaces
  • Shops now sell random items that belong to their economy
  • Made some changes to trading gameplay
  • Made clickable action zones (e.g Click on the bed to sleep)
  • Added SleepScene to sleep at the end of the day.
  • Added notification UI to notify the player of in-game happenings
  • Rebalanced some of the pricing in the shops
  • Added warning messages for when the player runs out of fuel or is about to collapse due to low energy. (Low energy and fuel are not enforced with any mechanics right now)
  • Added ability for shops to sell fuel
  • Added begin and ending animations for running adding more weight to the player
  • Added refuel mechanic, hovering next to a sun while walking around in your ship refuels your ship
  • Added UI for checking item attributes and keeping track of pricing to get maximum profit out of your goods
  • Added Machinery items to the game
  • Added Cable items to the game
  • Added Wire items to the game.
  • Made native versions for the game (Linux and Windows)

Thanks for playing and stay tuned for the next update!