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The Teachers Game play test

A topic by Rank Up™ Games LLC created Sep 01, 2016 Views: 223
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The Teachers game

Hey everyone so there will be a testing done with the game The Teachers Game from the 31st of August - 3rd of September. We would like to get people to play-test the prototype of the game before we actually finish adding the last game features to it so later on, we can have another test for different other games as well. :)

Visit our website so you can give us feedback on the game with a for linked up or anymore information you need!

(Summary) FIGHT, COMPETE, and DOMINATE your friends on the battlefield. Try the latest version of The Teachers Game Today! [Version 3.2.8]


Play, fight, and level up to make your mark on the leader broads on multiplayer as you climb victorious with your favorite teachers to The game is about teachers going on a rise to be the the teacher of the year so you must beat all the teachers you can be number one but watch out because you also want to be the top teacher in the leader boards!!!


Social media for you guys to stay updated!!!

Here is our website for more information or to see our other games.