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Make this free please

A topic by Austiin created 19 days ago Views: 457 Replies: 12
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Please make this game free




zero the price just for this itch please! make it deserve to be worth it!


Sorry, I don't think it should be free. I think the game's author(s) deserve money for the game if they want it.


I feel like it should cost more like five dollars or so,  more than ten dollars for this game is quite expensive.


i think there should be a demo


Make this game free Plz


Guys, stop. It's incredibly disrespectful to the developers to say that all their hard work is literally worth nothing to you.


Nothing should be free except water, food and air but even those are priced (unironically the fresh air in China) so what would the developers do? Eat nothing, drink nothing and breathe nothing while you enjoy this piece of intellectual product? Guess not. But yeah, it needs a demo.

what about pay what you want

- said the crowd in front of the waiter at a restaurant  :)


i've played the game to the end and i think this game desrves to be free

it's way too short like a demo