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Bloom: Labyrinth

A classic re-thought: Can you overcome the Labyrinth? · By Studio Fawn

v6 + Achievements

A topic by JimmyM created 90 days ago Views: 98 Replies: 6
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-  Wake (Save) in the Hub after open the second set of levels didn't save the game. 

The game needs achievements. 
Something like:
+ Quest mode: finish the game 
+ Quest mode: finish the game  in normal difficulty (w/o necklace)
+ Quest mode: finish the game w/o buying anything from merchant
and so on 
+ Discover all NPC and talk with them

+ the same for Gaunlet mode
+ for certain number kills of specific monsters
+ for certain number of kills with bow / melee / moon  etc. (through all plays?)
+ secret achievements?
+ one or two rare / hard to obtain achievements?

Maybe readers have any suggestions, pls? :)


Humm, so after you finish the 2nd set of levels (the dark area), you enter the hub again...and the 3rd door opens. Then, when you save, it puts you back in the hub with the 3rd door closed? Or does the 3rd door never open? Just trying to narrow it down :)

Good ideas with the achievements! I hadn't tried tackling them yet, but it is a good next step (especially now that it's on steam).

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No, earlier. I finished first set,  2nd door is open, I spoke with everyone in hub, then selected "Wake (Save)", then exit with Alt+F4 to take a break (Updated: I didn't try to enter the second door, NPC Yara didn't stop me with the sentence) . The old save remains in AppData, it was not overwritten.

You need an achievements to attract gamers in Steam . And trading cards later ( if Steam allows) to attract collectors :)

Successfully saves on dying at second (dark) level set, respawns in hub.  [Wake (Save)] (in hub) didn't save the game. Alt+F4 in hub didn't save the game.

Major bug:  The ability binding not restoring (the same as in v5). 

Minor feature suggestion: Alt + Enter  (Win) == to switch Full screen / Window mode, and maybe start the game in Full screen from the first launch?


Humm, I think I found the problem with the end of the dark area. When you save Sylph and exit was supposed to play a scripted event right when entering the hub again. That was where the next hub tag was. So it should have been saving, but just not properly advancing the tag to the next hub. I think I got it now.

Programmer says he hasn't touched the ability binding change since the last version, so not too sure on that one. Trying to track it down :D

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I don't know if it connected or not.  Again: I didn't save Sylph, I just clearly (without dying) passed from [New game] to the moment of activating the second door (light column) in the hub (the door to the dark levels).  Then I "saved" the game and closed it and found that the game didn't save the fact that I activated the second door.

From my perspective it looks like the option [Wake (Save)]  does not overwrite the save file if player is in the hub. Probably it's by design, but it's odd, because it's natural point to save the game and take a break. Event of exit (closing) - at that moment - happened in the intro screen and didn't save the game too.

 Probably closing the game in the hub doesn't overwrite save file also, but I 'm not sure how clearly I checked this.

About the ability binding. I got this at every start (Quest mode - Load game):

despite the fact that when I exits it contains a few pages like this:

How it's going with achievements and polishing? 

You said  in your pathreon that Labirinth was mistake. It's not true. It still has a chance.