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Gameplay by MasonJason

A topic by MasonJason created Jan 17, 2019 Views: 39 Replies: 1
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(I played this game a about a week ago and barely got to work on the video and uploaded this today)

A no jumpscare horror game!? At first I thought it was a trap, but it looks like it wasn't (thank goodness). The game was pretty fun and the control were a bit wonky. For example, when throwing toys at the monsters, sometimes at certain areas they dont die and the toy just bounces off of them. Now I didn't explore the map full noticing that I can just bounce off the map. If you see it in the video, at one point I was just standing in an area so the monster can never get me which is one thing I think that should be fixed (unless there is an easter egg). In addition, I am very glad that my trash computer can run this game! I did get some lag and I was running my game on the lowest graphics possible (yep it's that bad). Still. I had fun playing this game! Thanks so much! Keep up the good work!

awesome, thanks for the vid! as for the monsters not dying when you hit them with a toy, it works like this: if the first thing the toy touches when you throw it is a monster, it kills it. otherwise it's not in "throwMode." just a cheap thing i threw together in the code and didn't bother making a more complex system for. with the out of the map glitches, i think it's kinda cool to leave those in for people to find. they don't help you win the game / progress in any way, so i think they're nice lil secrets to find.