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In The Middle Of Zombies

A road trip among the walking dead in a 3D post-apocalyptic stylized world · By Wabby's Land

Feedback and suggestion Sticky

A topic by Wabby's Land created Jan 15, 2019 Views: 131 Replies: 8
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Feel free to post any idea or observation you can have by playing the game.

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Hello, I just did a play through of the first 4 towns and i would like to share my notes to further development. Now ill try to disregard things you have already said are planned and just look at things I noticed in game.

First of all was picking up items, The way you have implemented the logic is great however it didnt appear that with a gun in hand i was able to pick up items, small detail and perhaps that is not how you want it to work but it would be nice to have the guns out and ready while looting. Also I found a few scenarios where I was trying to pick up an item but it was being blocked by a ceiling fan or the player, normally this would be an okay feature however the top down style camera angle means that sometimes things will not be easily in view. Instead of making players forced to rotate perhaps allow them to click on new items through objects such as the player, ceiling props, etc. If you're using onpointerclick it may be difficult to implement but I feel it will be worth it.  Other than those few points the picking up of items was smooth and very user friendly, the inventory is also flawless.

Second was the AI, Obviously they are not completed yet but the npc's were having a hard time seeing me and being able to interact, I had to walk into their heads from the front to get them to stop and wait for me to interact. Also the zombies I feel don't pose enough of a threat, they aren't really a nuisance and you can easily outrun them just by walking away, Getting the 20 kills before proceeding to the next area seemed like a chore rather than a challenge. 

Thirdly was the vehicle mechanics, repairing and refuelling  was great, having to keep holding the button rather than just clicking and queing up an order made it feel more like i was doing something and more involved with the game kudos. However the driving mechanics were a bit finicky, I found reverse wont often engage after using "s" as the brakes and as the car drives there is a bit of shaking. If you're using unitys built in vehicle physics the shaking can be fixed by increasing the rigid-body mass of the car and increasing the torque applied to the wheels to compensate.  The rest was fine, the vehicles felt like cars and drove fine apart from the few issues.

Fourthly is interiors, I found myself wanting to explore the attics of the buildings as they looked rather interesting and as if they may have some great loot, when I finally found a house that looked like I could get in, I had to find a less obvious ladder to climb up. It would be cool if some attics in the houses required little puzzles solved to enter like moving objects inside and around the house or setting fires or using other game mechanics to enter (like smashing something with a car), it would just be a nice addition to remove some of the repetition of looting a house and mix it up a bit. Also when entering a house I think the roofs should fade out rather than just disappear, it will be a bit more immersive and can be done easily by changing the alpha of the roof mesh. Other than that the interiors are great and I really enjoyed looting them, I wasn't getting stuck every two seconds and most of the buildings had something to loot, they didn't feel empty or copy and pasted.

Fifth is the backstory and character development, This isnt really a negative point but more or less a bit of confusion on how the game is supposed to feel, the story is set up rather quickly and is easy to understand and was slightly humorous. Now im not sure if humorous was what you were aiming for but thats what I felt. Also im sure it will improve as trading and what not is included in the game but I really didnt feel any connection to the character, in fact I cant remember if he even had a name, or the doctors name at the start or the doctor I was supposed to be delivering too and I only finished my play through a few minutes ago.  I don't know if this is something you want to touch on or not depending if you want the game more arcade like (thats the vibe im getting at the moment) or if you want it more story based or RPG like, but maybe have some cut scenes in between towns if you want it more story based and more of a significant connection to the character, otherwise if you are aiming for arcade style game play keep it as it is.

Lastly is character movement. the player moves AMAZINGLY, a thousand times better than I imagined watching the game play beforehand. It is smooth and not confusing at all and allows for fluid movement through the environment. However the jumping in this game seems more or less useless, I never came across anything I needed to jump over but having limited sprint may have just helped me move through the empty areas of the environment a bit quicker. This is a feature that is more a recommendation as you as a developer(s) may not have this vision for the game, but maybe have a limited sprint that alerts zombies when using and also bump up the zombies engagement speed, once they find the player make them a bit quicker to follow and force players to use tricky paths for the AI rather than just running away for a few seconds also you could maybe make zombies alert other zombies of the players location when they see you. It would just make the game a bit more intense but not change the difficulty in any way.

But other than those few points I really enjoyed this quick play through, I will be keeping my eye on this as it continues to develop. You have a hit on your hands if you continue to develop to the quality and dedication I have seen so far and I feel as though the environment art compliments the game play and atmosphere perfectly. Thanks for making my morning that slightest bit funner and keep on developing!

Also if you're ever looking to hire any independent developers or you just want more in depth feedback I have seven years experience in the unity engine and know the ins and outs of how games work on the inside I would be more than happy to help further the development.

Merci beaucoup .


Thank you very much for your support and your detailed feedback (and precious advices).

Yes, I can easily improve the picking objects system (filtered by Unity layers). But I don't understant what you mean when using a weapon... that changes nothing concerning the picking system… in theory :-)

Yes AI needs a lot of improvments, each release I try to improve the scripts (also for zombies). I'll try to increase the speed of their reaction (without decreasing the game performance, that's the deal).

Concerning vehicles, yes there is an issue after using breaks, I'm on it and thank you very much for your technical advices concerning the physics, it's really complicated in Unity :-)

Concerning buildings, I will improve some aspects but before that I want to implemente base camps in the gameplay.

In the v0.3 there is only easy maps with "good guys" and slow zombies but in the future I'll add bad guys and other ennemies :-) The gameplay will be really different, then.

A lot of other weapons will come and other vehicles too and I really want to build an funny/action game, not a true RPG with detailed story aspects so I hope you enjoy the changes.

In the final version, a game will be made of a lot of different handcrafted maps (with a lot variations : countryside, city, seaside...) in a random order and with all items proceduraly spawned in the maps.

I can't hire a developer (maybe later :-)) but thanks for your kind words and your interest, it's very motivating and your feedback really useful. I have noted a lot of things in my (long) TO DO list :-)

Don't take too many of my recommendations to heart, if its not what you want for the game then don't let others persuade you, they are just my personal thoughts. I look forward to the next update!

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Thanks again ☺️ 


A map of the controls would be nice.  Even if we can't change the keys at least we can see what they are.  Took me forever to figure out hitting Esc would get me out of a vehicle.

Also in world one it's possible to run out of gas and never find anymore.  I traveled every part of the map but accidentally shot  one of the gas cans and without that can I could never complete the mission.


Hello and thank you very much for your feedback.

Indeed, help screen is really needed. It's not yet implemented because lot of game mechanics are still evolving :-)

Meanwhile, a map of the controls is displayed on the game page and if you enable "Tutorial" on the "New game" screen, contol keys are displayed the first time you drive a vehicle. In fact a whole help section is planned :-)

Concerning, fuel cans (and other resources) : the last version (0.3) brings trading with other survivors so you need to take care of them because when there is no more resource in the map, this is the only way to get what you need. And each time a NPC is dead, another is spawned on the map so as soon as you have something to barter, you can get what you need.

Feel free to post other feedback or report some issues/bugs in the dedicated section.

Thanks for your support.


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A few things:

  1. Melee combat feels confusing, also the same for ranged combat. I feel it would be much better if we just had the freedom to swing/shoot whenever we want. It's especially bad for melee, wasn't ever sure how I got my character to attack.
  2. Need a sprint ability with some sort of cool-down like stamina, takes too long to get anywhere.
  3. Linking into that, once sprinting is in, perhaps making zombies a little faster at night to give more of a challenge?
  4. ESC should bring up the pause menu.
  5. Zombies having some kind of loot would make it more interesting.
Developer (1 edit)

Hello and thanks for your feedback.

In fact, I don't understant what you mean in point 1. Do you play with keyboard&mouse ? Because you just have to click on a zombie to shot/attack him when you want. Currently, the game is not developed for gamepad.

For other points, yes I know what you mean and you can be sure a lot of things will evolve in term of gameplay :-)