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In The Middle Of Zombies

A road trip among the walking dead in a 3D post-apocalyptic stylized world · By Wabby's Land

Bug report Sticky

A topic by Wabby's Land created Jan 15, 2019 Views: 95 Replies: 4
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I always do my best to release new version as stable as possible but if you encouter any bug, feel free to report it here. I'll do my best to solve it for the next release.

Quit button, on main menu, doesn't work if you have clicked on "new game"


Hello and thanks for your feedback. Yes, fixed in the next V0.2.1 :-)

0.3.1 , you can get out of the map using the cars exit points if you park next to the world border, I sent some more info regarding this to your instagram. Also cars appear to behave strange now when the player is sleeping, I found a few times that random cars were being upturned.


Developer (1 edit)

Nice screenshots 😉

Indeed, cars need a lot of fixes ans improvements. Initaily planned for the V0.4 I think I'll work on that sooner. 

Thanks again for your precious feedback.