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Kumo alpha (Playtest)

‚ÄčKUMO is an emotionally powerful journey of a young boy in a land once forgotten. · By KumoDev

hey quick suggestion

A topic by lowlandpanda2 created 11 days ago Views: 33 Replies: 4
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i think you should definitlly add a main menu or even a place to adjust graphical settings as my pc wasnt running it at the wanted fps so i had to override the sttings in my AMD radeon settings menu.


of course :) please understand this was built exactly for my specs, if i plan on releasing a future update then ill make sure its more tuned for other specs :)

oh ok cool i get you, it is a playtest after all

Developer (1 edit)

Thank you for understanding, the Kickstarter demo will be alot more performance friendly with many many more mechanics available i hope the performance didnt put you off :)

no not at all the game was awesome i cant wait to see the full version i hope it goes will