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Bloom: Labyrinth

A classic re-thought: Can you overcome the Labyrinth? · By Studio Fawn


A topic by JimmyM created Jan 07, 2019 Views: 72 Replies: 2
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Ok, let me start...

First and foremost, Happy New Year! I hope the new year will bring only the joy and success to you!

- The game starts in window mode, doesn't switch to full screen (win7 64bit, no-Aero theme) 
- No cursor in resolution selection 
- [Options] - [Controls]  with a gamepad: to close window player need to scroll down the whole list, only then he switches to [Back]. Highlighted [Back] is lack of color

- When player interacts with NPC the time continues in the pauses between dialog screens 
- The shop screen doesn't show player's money 

- I found the "mysterious note", ok, doesn't have time to read it. I found a blue guy, I tried to talk with him thinking maybe it's merchant. Oh, no, it's Julius, well, we start to talk about note, but I dies in the middle (because time continues, shots found me). Now I'm in the hub, the dialog options are on the screen, - I continue talk with Julius...


Happy new year! :)

Humm, looks like a couple more bugs to track down (getting a lot closer at least haha). I'll add those quality of life issues to the list too. Thanks for the help :)

Level of activity is predictable here, I see.  


- ability bindings does not restored correctly


- effect of potions/items continues after death and after teleport from hub to the another level

- the respawn logic is disorienting. After number of deaths player moves  from hub back to the  first level. First thoughts: Damn game is broken, I beat this level already. Do I have to talk with this guy again? Maybe the level is changed somehow? Nope, it looks the same... 

- sometimes blue doors auto-opens ,  sometimes player need to use a bone, cant understand the logic of this

- level exit logic is not reflected on screen. In that take, when I spoke with Julius, at some moment I found the hatch (and it looks open), but failed to exit from the level, I needed to do something, I didn't know what