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Planet exploration and survival game with base building. · By Cairn4

Digging by hand or with a shovel

A topic by Mak-a-Face created Jan 07, 2019 Views: 158 Replies: 1
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I noticed that there isn't any advantage of using a shovel on artifacts or plants. Digging with your hands or using a shovel, there's no noticeable difference in the progress bar. Having different ways of extracting resources would greatly benefit the player for their efforts by giving us extra resources. This could also be implemented on all other tools that we use in the game.

Yeah, i agree with you Make-aFace! "Changing tools skill" should be a bonus (because it takes ressources to make them and keeping them in the inventory etc...)
I would like to see different speed times for different tools on differents thingz (easy to code i think)... but keeping it coherent & "easy to remember/intuitive":

- Axe should be the fastest on barren-wood & trees (x3 times by hand; x2 shovel & jackhammer)

- Shovel should be the fastest on plants (herbs, bulb)  (x3 time by hand; x2 by axe; No jackHammer allowed for that...)

- JackHammer should be the fastest on rock (little ones on the ground) (x2 times by shovel for the little ones; x3 by hands ) [for the large ones, only the JH can break them!]

- Bare Hands should be the fastest to pick fruit & ice (maybe x2 for other tools  because the added penalty is that it consumes the tools for nothing gained). Maybe like Mak-a-Face says, it could give a 25/50% chance to pick an additionnal fruit & ice (delicate picking saves ressources on fragile things in nature etc... havested blueberries with a jackhammer lately?!... so you already know! ;-) i tried to harvest pure snow/ice with a shovel one time... and i had a bunch of stones & mud with it!! :-O Too bulky! )

For artifacts, i think amplifying the rule here is good-gameplay design: Forever by hands (like 15/20s min),  10s by Axe (not adapted but not so dumb), 7s by shovel & 4s by JH (powertool of tiers 3 here!). The time can be intuitively adapted to "feel nice with the good tool involved" etc... (and "not so nice" with other thingz lol And "hellish long" with the worst tool hihihi; and then when thinking about it 3 sec the player must say "yeahhh, in real-life i would do that with that tool! it makes sense!")

To increase the strategy/fun, why not Maybe a 25% chance to fail to pick it for the worst items? (you can do it again, but failing in series unluckly will be the nightmare! lol :-D)

Just a simple thing to add too: The seed for the herb should be "the green one", and the "brown one" for the bulb. When player do not know which is which, we always go by colors (like the fruit one which is an orange seed) and it is very strange to me that the 100% green herb have a braown seed, and the overly brown bulb have a green one... It is just wrong ;-P X'D

Hope Cairn4 see this! =^^=
Have a nice day, and thanx for this wonderful/cheerfull game! =^^=